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Hurricane Irene

Post up if you were affected by Hurricane Irene and talk about your experience!

Location: Bridgeport CT
Storm Surge: 9 -14 feet
Power Outage Percentage: 93%
There was a small twister about 300 feet from my house that took out a couple trees, for some reason I still have power though.
There's branches through windshields and stuff around here but all of us are fine.

Was anybody else affected?


I saw on facebook many parks closed to protect staff and guests who would have been visiting. None of the parks seem to have reported any major damage, just that they to clean up. Has anyone heard about any rides being affected/damaged?

Apologies, just realised i'm posting in the 'Life Outside' thread, the question still stands though.


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From what I've been hearing, Irene was just a really big blow(yes, sexuality intended). It sounded like lots of wind and rain and tree branches and other loose debris strewn about, but overall not hellish like everybody originally thought. Still, I hope everybody's alright.
Not where I live, Bridgeport is completely flooded. People are partying in it though haha madd jet skis going up and down the streets. It's pretty sick ill admit.


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Stayed up all night keeping the water out of the basement as the ground is so soaked the water was coming through the basement walls. At least the power held out until 2pm today & we've been without ever since. There were downed trees & electric poles on most of the neighboring streets, but not on ours & no damage to our house. The town I live in & the four surrounding ones are all without power.
I made it into work ok with only minor delays getting through the local streets, but once I was on the highway it was clear sailing. There are usually thousands of cars all around when I drive to my office, so it was very strange seeing all the roads nearly empty with only a dozen or so cars, especially since it was sunny & nice weather once the storm cleared.
As far as the parks, I haven't heard anything about damage to any of them.


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SFGAdv was closed today to clean up after Irene, but will open as usual tomorrow. Dorney & all the other parks opened today. I even saw footage of Casino Pier at Seaside Heights and Moreys Piers in Wildwood on TV & all the rides were operating. :--D


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Umm. I know this was a while ago but...

I lost power for a day or so, some branches came off of a tree and my front yard were torn off. I was soo windy, but didn't rain one bit...