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Huayi Brothers Movie World | Shuzhou China | Theme Park


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I swear there was a thread for this? I must be going mad.
Anyhow this is a fairly decent sized new park opening in Suzhou, China this year. The park is being built by Huayi Brothers a large film company over in China and will utilise many of their IP's. Think kind of Universal Studios Lite.

The park features a large number of indoor dark rides as well as 3 known coasters.
- Golden Horse Junior
- BSA Spinning Coaster
- B&M Wing Coaster

The Junior is a standard model roller skater type while the spinning coaster is a brand new custom model and one that looks rather good.
The B&M wing is expected to follow the same layout as the currently unopened ride at Hotgo Dreamworld in Fushun

Pictures are as usual hard to come by so some of these are super old.

BSA - Super Skateboard Spinning Coaster
Some of the best photoshop ever right here.
B&M - Wing Coaster
The ride is expected to be a clone of this ride (below) although this is the only picture I've seen of it so far. (above)

General Park Pictures (older)
H2.jpg H3.jpg H4.jpg H5.jpg


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Hmm, yeah I swear you already made a topic, couldn't find anything using the search tool though. Maybe I'm just used to seeing your social media posts about it.

That photoshop job on the spinner is incredible.

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One thing I will say about Chinese theme parks is that they seem to have very impressive theming!


I was going to post those several hours ago but I could not find it for the life of me. The search function needs work.

Anyone notice layout similarities between this and the one at Colourful Yunnan Happy World?
This is a clone of the Hotgo wingrider tho.


Quite a bland layout this, even for a wing coaster. Majority of the elements are those corkscrews and zero G rolls that crawl over the apex. I'm not a fan of the push/pull flow of the bigger wings although I imagine it rides smooth as butter.


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I'm on the opposite side of the coin. I would love to see a clone of this pop up somewhere Stateside (hello, SFGAdv: looking at you). I'm completely in love with the wing over dive and loop combo - I'd imagine that the sustained positive Gs would lead people to believe that this model is a more intense wing coaster. The rest of the layout flows quite nicely as well. It looks like all of X-Flight's sexiness in a slightly bigger package.