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How to get to Hiede-Park in Germany>?



Hello there I am a new member on this forum, but my mate is a coaster nut and wants to go to Hiede-Park for his birthday. I was wondering If anybody had any tips about how I could go about getting to the Park from england. I am currently in manchester with my m8s who want to go but I can drive to anywhere in england to travel from there to get to germany.

I have no clue planes trains boats or busses any help would be much obliged and thanks in advance for any help.

Jonathan James Russell


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Firstly, i'm guessing you're not a driver, so won't be driving?

Going with that, i'm not entirely sure, but its about 40 minutes south of Hamburg, so i'd head for Hamburg airport. Watch you don't end up going to Hamburg Lubeck though (that's where Ryanair fly to) because that's another half an hour north, and further out of the way.


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Bremen is a Ryanair airport and is about 30 minutes away from the park (I think, I've not got my plan with me, so I can't say for sure)

But, no idea what transport from there is like!


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U can either fly to Bremen or Fly to Hamburg. I did this about a year ago.

I flew to Bremen initially as Ryanair do cheap flights there.

From Bremen airport you take the tram from the airport to the train station. Then catch the train straight to Soltau.

Once in Soltau, you can catch the bus straight to Heide-Park from Wolterdingen and Soltau railway stations. Its only in the morning though, otherwise a taxi to the park is about €20 one way. There is a bus back to the train station at the end of the day, I suggest checking the local timetable once you get to the theme park.

If you fly to Hamburg, then like peeps have already said, make sure you go to the proper Hamburg airport. Then get into Hamburg itself, and from their main station catch the train straight to Soltau and repeat above!

Also check here:


Hope this helps


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I flew to Hamburg then got a taxi straight to the park, cost 100 Euros though! Obviously if you have the money to spend its much quicker and convenient but harsher on your wallet.


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I went through Hamburg Lubeck but it then involves getting a train from Lubeck to Hamburg and then catching the direct bus to Heide Park from the main bus station.

Worth going through Hamburg Lubeck if you want to visit Hansa Park too, which is only a short train journey from the main station.