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How many times have you been upside down on a coaster?


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Over the years, how many times do you think you've been inverted on a coaster (including re-rides)? Seems like a pretty obvious topic so apologies if it's been done before.

For myself, I'd tentatively guess mid-hundreds. I've no doubt many of you will be in the multiple thousands.

Bonus question: which of those inversions stands out the most to you? Doesn't necessarily have to be a specific inversion, perhaps just a single ride that made you remember it e.g. a cold morning which increased the hangtime!


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Cor blimey, there's a question. My first instinct was to pluck a number out of thin air and just go with that, but then I thought, no! I'm gonna do this properly... ish. So I went on to coaster-count and scrolled through my ridden coasters, all 434 of them, and totted up how many inversions each coaster had. That total came to 512, give or take.
But then you've got to take into account all of the shuttle coasters - boomerangs, sky rockets, Schwarz' launchers - basically anything that traverses the layout more than once - and double those numbers. That adds around 45 inversions bringing the total up to around 557.
And that's before you've even got onto re-rides, which is where I decided to draw a line under this idea and do something more productive with my day. 😁
I mean, if you've ridden The Smiler 10 times (which I reckon I probably have since it opened), there's another 140 inversions straight away.
And Nemesis, I must have been on that thing over a hundred times since '94, so that's another 400 ish.

Sooo... based on what we've learned from the above, I'm gonna go back to my original idea of plucking a number, albeit a slightly more informed one, out of thin air and say it's probably somewhere between 2000 and 2500 inversions.

Ps. The best one of the lot is Wildfire's stall.
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Too many to count, and I cba to do Howie's approach.

There are some people like @Hixee who may have the exact number tho, proper goon right there.

Again, Wildfire's stall is the best inversion I've encountered.


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There are some people like @Hixee who may have the exact number tho, proper goon right there.
MAY have? Please...

Of 795 coasters, 220 have inversions and 575 don't. I've been upside down 2183 times (not including shuttle coaster laps counting twice - will have a think about that...).

Of the parks I've been to, the park with the most inversions is Six Flags Magic Mountain (32) and the park where I've been inverted the most times is Alton Towers (344).

It's easy when you know how. :)


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Barring some possible miscounts, I've been upside down on various coasters exactly 1001 times. If it wasn't for a spontaneous last minute visit to BonBon Land last October, this would've been a surprisingly nice and rounded number. Looks like my last ride through Daemonen's Zero G-Roll was my 1000th riding a roller coaster inversion, neat.

And here's a top 10 of coasters that have flipped me upside down the most:
1. Katun (102 times)
2. Blue Tornado (45 times) - probably got some brain damage there as a kid
=2. Wildfire (45 times)
4. Helix (42 times)
5. Black Mamba (40 times)
6. Shaman (36 times)
=6. Blue Fire (36 times)
8. Karacho (32 times)
=8. Insane Speed (32 times)
=8. Hair Raiser (32 times)


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This actually wasn't a huge lift to figure out... well, it's a good thing I already keep track of all my rides on each coaster, and I conveniently kept a column of inversions for each one as well (although I stopped that column at around 200 creds... had to go add the rest, but that wasn't hard).

So I'm at 1742 total inversions. But there's some funny stuff like Zacpsins and free spins that technically aren't listed with inversions, but you're definitely flipped upside down on those, so let's round up to 1750.

Rides where I've been inverted the most:

1. Wicked Cyclone - 93
2. Storm Chaser - 72
3. VelociCoaster - 64


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I don’t know about “in my lifetime,” or even this year, but this did get me curious. I just got back from a couple of days at Cedar Point during which I inverted 116 times.


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Given that everyone else has had a go, I suppose I should try to estimate how many times I've been inverted. Given the countless times I've been on Speed at Oakwood as a teen, the number won't be exact though. My estimate came at 266, quite embarrassing compared to others on this thread. It means I'm nowhere near done though!


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For my fortieth birthday, I wanted to do 40 loops.
Wanted to do the Towers for it, but ended up at Southport for the afternoon, due to a family meal in the evening.
Managed it over the afternoon on Traumatizer (now Infusion).
The last ride made my head spin, went on the River Caves for cool and shade, puked up all the way round.
Had to lie down on the back seat of the car the whole way home, groaning.
Gave up on counting loops that very day.


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This is both easy and hard for me.

Easy because I keep track of the number of times of been on creds, as well as the number of inversions, in my Cred Sheet.
Hard because I only started this about 7-8 years ago. In particular, this means there's about 10 years of Thorpe and Towers visits, which would have included multiple goes on inverting creds, which I cannot account for. I have vague guesses for those numbers though, which I have chucked in...

Estimated Total Inversions: 2389
First Inverting Cred: Colossus, Thorpe Park
Most Recent Inverting Cred: Mandrill Mayhem

Excluding Thorpe creds (ie Colossus, Nemesis Inferno, Saw and Swarm), my...
Top 5 Creds I've been Inverted the Most:

CredParkNumber of InversionsNumber of Rides
Black MambaPhantasialand10025
UntamedWalibi Holland306
AnubisPlopsaland de Panne279


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I have absolutely no idea. I mean I remember running to Nemesis on school trips in the mid-90s and then just repeating that most of the day as there wasn't much else worth doing there in 95. At a total guess, I'm going with 612.5.


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Do halves count!
I did a “back of day packet” style calculation using averages that came out with that figure. And I left the .5 in there as I quite like it as it’s almost philosophical.

Although I was also tempted to justify it with the near inversions on s&s free spins. The ones where it nearly flips you. But in reality it’s just my lazy calculations


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I can tell you the exact number since 2016 when I started counting creds properly and logging everything on a spreadsheet - it's 1155 :)

Before that I'd probably estimate another 200 or so from all my childhood rides.

Best one? No idea but I do absolutely love the first corkscrew on Nemesis.


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Even if I can calculate the number of inversions the coasters have based on my count - I never noted how often I did each coaster...