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how are special effect 'sparks' created

One special effect I've only seen a handful of times in a theme park context is fake/special effect sparks, a couple of examples I've noticed them on is Firechaser express at Dollywood in the fireworks shed and On Jaws the ride (Japan) when the shark animatronic gets 'electrocuted'. Ive also seen them used in walkthrough haunts as a shock effect when a fake substation crackles and sparks ....although i think this is a different method used!
from POV's I think the Twister experience at universal had these effects too!

But how are these created as a special effect safely?


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I don't know what method they use to produce them, but I can have a go at the safety part.
All you need to ensure is that they won't come into contact with anything extremely reactive or flammable.
Sparks are tiny and carry almost no energy, so they don't have the time to heat or burn the things they touch.
Have you ever played with a sparkler? Nothing more than a tickle.


I don't know 100% for sure but I would guess they are sequenced as through a control board just like you would see in a concert. Found this video...