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Helix vs Ride to Happiness

Helix or Ride to Happiness?

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Matt N

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Hi guys. Ever since Ride to Happiness at Plopsaland de Panne opened last July, the ride has sent shockwaves through the industry. It’s getting rave reviews, and has really put Plopsaland (and arguably Belgium as a whole) on the worldwide coaster map. As RTH has blown the European coaster industry wide open, questions are increasingly being asked about how it compares to another European Mack launch coaster that did the same 7 years prior; Helix at Liseberg.

Prior to RTH opening, Helix was widely considered the zenith of Mack launch coasters. It topped many lists when it first opened, received rave reviews, and arguably played a huge role in beginning the theme park industry’s infatuation with multi launch coasters. However, since Ride to Happiness opened, I have increasingly heard people compare it to Helix, and RTH has arguably been the first real competition Helix has had for the title of “the common favourite Mack launch coaster”.

Now that RTH has been open for a year, and a fair percentage of people appear to have ridden both, I’d be keen to know; which of these two Mack launch coasters reigns supreme for you? Does Ride to Happiness in all its spinning glory take the crown? Or does the terrain-hugging, inversion filled goodness of Helix still sit at the top of the pile for you?

I’ve ridden neither, so I can’t really cast a judgement here, but I’d be really keen to know which ride you prefer!


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Similarly to my comparison with Kondaa - Helix is more consistently good and becomes incredible at night, RTH is better if you get a good spin and I don't expect time of day would factor into that much. Helix at night, with the park and rides lit up all around is a pretty difficult thing to beat.

The only thing that let's Helix down is it's piss-poor launches. The ones on RTH have much more of a punch, and if Helix had those we wouldn't be having this conversation.

They are very close, and they are quite different, but for the purposes of "best Mack in Europe" - personally I would take Helix for the guaranteed excellent right, but I would totally understand if someone chose RTH for the chance of something mind melting.


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You've only got to take a peak at my signature to see how close this one is for me. 'Officially' ie - for the purposes of the annual CF poll - Helix sits as my overall #2 coaster and The Ride To Happiness sits at #3, but in reality there's absolutely nothing in it. If I could, I'd have Helix, RTH and Shambhala all sharing the number 2 spot.

@Hixee 's wrong - Helix isn't let down at all by piss poor launches. The trick is to not think of it as a launch coaster - for me it's a long, varied, beautifully paced, impeccably presented, multi-looping, terrain coaster... that just so happens to have two launches in there to help it get round the circuit. If you look at it that way, Helix is flawless.
He's also wrong about RTH - it's magnificent no matter how much your car spins, you've just got to approach it the right way. You don't just ride RTH, you have to give yourself over to it. You embrace it. You surrender yourself completely, mind body and soul, to the soothing words of sexy clockwork robot lady and allow her to send you on a journey of self discovery. Do that and it won't matter if your carriage is spinning like a top or stuck sideways for the entire lap - you'll still achieve spiritual enlightenment!
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I probably need to re-think this one because I have/had Helix above RTH.

But now I'm sat here mulling it over, that's probably only because of Helix's absolutely awesome setting... particularly during night rides.

If you could somehow stick RTH in Helix's position, I think it actually wins by a respectable margin. RTH is just bonkers, and that's what keeps me coming back to this hobby.


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As much, as I love Helix, and yes, I had some great night rides on it, I don't think it's even that close. Helix is somewhere in my top 30, but RTH is easily top 5 material. Its rerideability is unmatched. Maybe this autumn I'll get some rides in the dark on it 🤩

Chris Brown

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Not been on Helix since 2016 but to me it’s more of a complete package than RTH. RTH is an excellent ride and probably does sit somewhere in my top 10, Helix still sits proudly at number 1 although I should probably change that for The Voyage at some point.

I adore the sensation of being able to see what is coming ahead, facing forwards and watching the track is a huge part of the reason I love this hobby. For that reason Helix beats it, as insane as RTH is.