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Following the opening of Haichang Ocean Park in Shanghai (the one with the Intamin Blitz Steel Dolphin) work has stepped up on its sister park in Zhengzhou. The park due to open in 2020 is a similar style park with a mix of Marine Park and Theme Park.

Concept Art
Plenty of concept art around for this but nothing showing coasters really.
ZOcean1.jpg ZOcean0.jpg
ZOcean6.jpg Zocean7.jpg ZOcean8.jpg ZOcean9.jpg ZOcean10.jpg ZOcean11.jpg
Its worth noting this final part of concept art is much older and perhaps now out of date. It shows what is appears to be a B&M wing coaster though.ZOcean12.jpg
Now heres where it gets interesting. Plans on the Zhengzhou government portal shows a much clearer view of the park layout including the coasters.
First up lets get the obvious one out the way. There is a Vekoma or Golden Horse roller skater top right which is fairly clear.
The 2 other rides are a little less clear. One appears to be a modified B&M Batman - The Ride clone.
The other is a complete unknown. Now the fact these rides are drawn in a less technical style to the Roller Skater could mean they are preliminary but at this point your guess is as good as mine.
ZOcean5.jpg ZOcean13.jpg

Good news is we might not have too long to wait. The park is already well under construction.
ZOcean2.jpg ZOcean3.jpg ZOcean4.jpg

The google Satellite imagery is fairly old for this area but the park is just east of the extant Fantawild parks and East of the also under construction Evergrande group park (more on that one when it appears).
The park will be roughly here https://www.google.com/maps/@34.7750609,113.9786541,1226m/data=!3m1!1e3


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There's frustratingly little information about this park out there, but apparently it's due to open "trial operations" this year:

Haichang Holdings Company has announced there will be a soft opening of Zhengzhou Haichang Ocean Park at the end of 2021.

The park will comprise of three major areas – the Ocean Park, Polar Park and Future Exploration World. The resort will also be home to ocean-themed hotels and commercial districts, which provide visitors with leisure experiences of an ocean culture.

Zhengzhou Haichang Ocean Park will cover and area of 640 acres. The site is said to have an investment of 4 billion yuan.

Construction of the site is expected to take around 24 months. Upon completion, the park will be a flagship ocean park in Central China. It is expected the tourist destination will welcome more than three million guests through its doors a year.

No word of any coasters, though.