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Gyeongju World | Valkyrie | Gerstlauer Family Boomerang | 2021


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Themed footers!! Have we seen this before?

Y. Kim

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Today looks like the crane workers finished installing tracks and trains. Thanks for their work.

Details found
- 10 row train(20-person per cycle)
- 1st car exposed (opened) a lot.
- Ride entry is near the entrance of Draken Valley
- Looks like NO air gate; just entry and exit on the same side.
- Great theming.

- Maybe next post will be testing, or my photo of visiting in this Chuseok holiday.

Y. Kim

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I am confused - is this thing a boomerang or a full circuit coaster?

At first I thought the track round the top was just to eliminate the risk of derailment (and to give us a laugh when viewed from above 😛), but the pics show the train going around that top corner.
Seeing the testing, this operates like
1.Backward Lifthill (Lift 1)
2. Passing station and Forward coasting
3. Lift 2 climbing and U-Turn at the top of the lift
4. Dropping again lift 1
5. Pass station and forward coasting 2
6. Climb lift 2 - stop at the top.
7. Backward drop and backward coasting
8. stop at the station

So it goes 2 forward circuit and
(stops and change direction at the lift and) 1 backward circuit.

technically it can run full circuit, or it can do shuttle run.

Y. Kim

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Saturday, October 9th, 2021

Today I got a message from the park about special discount ticket for Valkyrie opening.
It says
"Family Shuttle Coaster, Valkyrie / Opening in October 9th "

Pretty surprised that this coaster was constructed so fast. Announced in April, and just 6 months.

Maybe I'll come back with brief review of this ride.

Y. Kim

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It’s the first Gerstlauer project in South Korea, which stands for something
Def the first Gerst coaster in Korea. Though in the past they installed a family flat at Everland (Sky Dancing) first Gerstlauer coaster is still great. Visiting&Review planned in Oct.11th.

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