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Gyeongju World | Valkyrie | Gerstlauer Family Boomerang | 2021


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Gyeongju World in South Korea have announced a new shuttle coaster for October 2021 called Valkyrie! No mention of manufacturer or model yet, but it looks like a Gerstlauer family boomerang model.




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Native South Korean here:
"최강" mentioned in the construction walls means "ultimate" or "powerful" in Korean, so I do not expect a family boomerang here.
It must be a large thrill shuttle coaster, and its actually quite surprising that the park is already getting a new coaster 3 years after their Griffon dive machine.
Maybeee a Premier/Gerstlauer launch since Intamin shuttle launch machines are quite expensive and they probably do not have a budget for a coaster that large.

Y. Kim

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As a local, I got an opportunity to visit here. Now footers and station building is under construction. While riding Draken I saw footers and bases progressed a lot.

grateful to see next coaster @ my home park in just 3 years. Scheduled to open in October.


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track started to be installed.
Can't know what manufacturer that is.
Anyone kmows what type of track/what manufacturer that is? I don't want another chinese knockoff like a chute ride at that park.

source https://m.dcinside.com/board/amusementpark/37032
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This is Gerstlauer. Very similar lift hill profiling to Rewind Racers and the new Boomerang at Luna Park Sydney. First time Gerst is workin in the Koreas now, actually.
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This is Gerstlauer. Very similar lift hill profiling to Rewind Racers and the new Boomerang at Luna Park Sydney.
Yeah that's defo a Gerstlauer like the teaser posters suggested. Should be a great addition to the park as these rides look like great family coasters (one of Gersts biggest strong points).

Y. Kim

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There we go! Track has just topped.
Source: Gyeongju World official Instagram



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I don’t think I’ve ever seen trains put on the track before trackwork is complete. Is this normal for Gersts?


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Ok nobody has mentioned it so I assume the answer is obvious but... If it's a boomerang, why the corner at the top making it a full circuit?

Y. Kim

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