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Hixee said:
Smithy said:
Thirteen. Gets so much slate, mainly for the marketing and hype it recieved prior to opening. But it's a brilliant filler ride.
I'm in agreement about Thirteen. Awfully promoted ride, but it's smooth, twisty, different, fun and always a good ride to go on with friends.

I do enjoy Thirteen, but it's not worth more than a five minute queue for me. It's fun enough, but also completely unremarkable.


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Mantis - I experienced exactly zero pain on this ride. I thought riding in the standing position was quite fun!


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Rita, it's so underrated, it gets slated because "it's rough" and "it's launch is weak" but I absolutely adore it! I don't understand why the enthusiast community (especially Alton Towers enthusiasts) seem to despise it :D (but yes, it is inferior to Stealth in the UK ;))


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Arrow Suspended Coasters. Fairly tame coasters, a little jerky around the edges, but such fun. Love Ninja (Hey ya!), Iron Dragon... I suppose you could still include Vampire. I'm sure I'd like whatever other ones are still left...


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Ian said:
Skyways at Clarence Pier. It's crap, uneventful but for some reason I love it!


And Mr. Bean has ridden it!



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Launch coasters with wimpy launches, ie: MotoGee at Sarkanneimi, Space Mountain Mission 2 at DLP, Revenge of the Mummy at USF, Kanonen at Liseberg. I would put Juvelen into this list, but it's second rolling launch is actually pretty immense.


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These are my perfect coasters which I could ride all day instead of working:

Turbo - Brighton Pier
Grand National - BPB (wish the original trains could be re-created, no brakes or seatbelts either)
Wild Mouse at BPB
Shambhala - PortAventura Park
Troy - Toverland
Air - Alton Towers
Skyways at Clarence Pier (ride it everytime I visit Southsea)
Colossos - Heide Park
Swarm - Thorpe Park
Flying Fish - Thorpe Park (rode it when enclosed as "space station Zero")
Cobra - Paultons Park
Psyké Underground / Turbine - Walibi Belgium (Thunderlooper's brother)
Thunderlooper - Alton Towers
Black Hole - Alton Towers
Megafobia - Oakwood Theme Park


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Vortex at Kings Island; it's rough, it's horrible, it's jerky, it's probably the next KI ride to go in the extended future, but it's fun. The loops are intense as heck, it looks fab, and that batwing. <3


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I also really like Manta. It's the only flyer I've been on and I love the feeling of flying through the air. Oh, and the theming and the queue are beautiful and that pretzel loop is one of my favorite feelings on any coaster. <3


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Intamin Impulse Coasters. I honestly don't why everyone says "it's only an impulse coaster". They can be really intense and exciting.


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Wild Mice. Everyone here seems to hate them but I LOVE the sensation of almost being thrown out of your seat, especially when you're riding alone. The spinning ones are less good though :|

Also, Morgan hypercoasters are amazing <3


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X - The ride is even worse now it's forwards, but the new music they have added is pretty awesome (even if it is stock music)

Dragons Fury - Despite being rather run down, the ride is great fun and is certainly the better spinner out of the two merlin ones.

Thirteen - It's abit crap to be honest, but if you are on the back row it's rather decent. The first drop gives you some air, and the drop track element is reasonably fun. Certainly not a great ride, but it's still rather fun.