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Guangzhou Sunac Land + Extras


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This trip was a couple of months ago now, but here it is anyway.

I wanted to head to the new Sunac park before I broke up for the summer – my Chinese visa is expired now - but didn’t have much time, so I ended up taking a day off work, telling them that I had to go to immigration, and took the train up in the morning. It’s a bit of a pain in the arse in that the high-speed station in Guangzhou is in the far south of the city (perfect for Chimelong), but this new park was in the far north, so it took about an hour in a taxi to get there. This was also a pain since it had been open less than two weeks at this point and no taxi drivers had heard of it. Plus, it was too new to be showing up on any maps, even on DiDi, though I found out later that it was still listed under “Wanda” on there.

Anyway, we got to the right general area and found the huge shopping mall, including what must be an indoor ski slope, but no sign of the park. It was out behind the total opposite side though, so no biggie.

Guangzhou Sunac Land

Wednesday, just after opening and on a rainy morning = no people whatsoever.

The suspended, powered, spinning thing wasn’t open. Annoying. This park loves their misters though; the whole place was covered in them.

No sign of life on the Intamin duelling thing either. Not looking good so far.


They’d just closed the gates on that ride, so I had to wait, but ended up getting the train to myself. Only the sit down side was running. I’d been pretty much expecting to only get one side though.

It was really good. The triple launch thing wasn’t as powerful as Soaring with Dragon, but was still decent, and the rest of the layout was fab. I got three rides in and then moved on.

Other stuff, most of which I didn’t bother with. I would’ve probably done some of the shows, and will likely do them on a revisit, but they weren’t on until much later in the day:

The flying theatre was ok. I liked that the screen was on as you went in, rather than just sitting down in an empty room before it all starts.

This octopus thing was a very old-school simulator, one of those things with multiple platforms all facing the same screen.

This was open by then:

It was ok. I’ve only done the Mack one in Dubai, which was amazing, so this one didn’t stack up in comparison.

Did this because it’s been a while. Hate them.


Turns out that when it’s quiet, they alternate the sit-down and suspended sides; I’m guessing at roughly 2-hour intervals. Obviously, I wanted to have it duelling, but with a dead park it actually made sense to do it like this since there were never full trains going. Definitely better than not running one of the sides at all.

Loved this side even more than the sit-down. Thanks to the lapbars on the vertical spike and, especially, through some massive hangtime in the loop, it was actually pretty terrifying. There was airtime in other sections as well, which always feels weird on a suspended coaster. Great stuff.

As with all Chinese parks, the giftshops were just loaded with generic tat which had nothing to do with the place.

I still had loads of time before my train back to Hong Kong, so decided to cred whore a few places on the way back down to the station. These were places more to the north of the city centre which I’d either not managed to get to before or which had popped up on RCDB more recently than the last time I’d cred whored the area.

Xiuquan Park

Just a very typical city park with an amusement area.

First +1

This wasn’t looking good, but not to worry.

+2 and done. Next!

Baiyun Lake Park

Similar deal here as the last place, but the park and amusement area were both much bigger.

Still filled with s**te though: another jungle mouse, a powered dragon and an awful Hebei Zhongye looper. All stock models and all of which I’ve done way too many of now.

Onto the final place for another +1:

Golden Disney Amusement Park

RCDB had it labelled with the above name, but local maps suggested otherwise. Not that it mattered:

C**ts! There was only one kiddy coaster here before, but still.

There was a big “proper” park pretty much across the street, which looked like it really should have had a cred, but didn’t.

This was right next to a metro station on the same line as the high-speed rail station at the far southern end, so I called it a day and headed back.

It was a pretty good “work” day really, bagging 8 new coasters, and it’s good to know that there’s another major park that’s easily doable as a day trip from Hong Kong.


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Thanks for the report! Had been really keen to hear about Guangzhou Sunac in a bit more detail.

Wonder how long it'll be before transport links to around the park are a bit better? I know it's a bad indicator for China, but the park still doesn't appear on Google Maps. Makes you wonder how successful a park in that area could truly be, unless there's plans in place for the immediate future for it to improve?

I remember seeing somewhere (was either Twitter or LinkedIn I think) a representative of Sunac being quoted as saying the park and mall attracted over 300k people across its opening. Not sure if it was a dodgy translation or what, but obviously seems very off. So be interesting to see what the future holds.


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I don't think transport links are bad necessarily. There was a row of bus stops between the park and shopping mall and it's very close to the airport. It's just not near a metro station at the moment, which, yeah, takes away a certain level of convenience, but isn't a deal breaker. I have no idea if there are plans to extend the metro up that way, but it wouldn't surprise me. The Guangazhou Metro is under constant expansion, it's not too far from the current lines, the park, mall and ski slope are pretty major, and it's in a busy residential district.

It was also fairly heavily advertised around Guangzhou, so people will be getting to know about it. It was pretty far from the high-speed rail station, but that station is, in itself, pretty far out of the city. From central Guangzhou, the park is probably only a half-hour drive. I'd say it's roughly the same distance as Chimelong from central Guangzhou, only in the complete opposite direction.

Chimelong has the convenience of being close to the high-speed rail and has its own metro station. Plus, it's massively established now and very popular. Sunac has the advantage of being very close to the airport and convenient for anyone more to the north of the city.


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Those trip reports are always so fun to read! Great to see pictures and reports from parks that are rarely talked about first-hand around here.


I love seeing these reports, especially the shots of the coasters from different angles!

Are things like only running one side at a time on the Intamin beast advertised at all, or do you just have to guess? I see a lot of posts where people are "surprised" at similar things and I thought it was down to language issues, but maybe not?


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I didn't see any signs, so no idea. I'm sure staff would know if I spoke enough Chinese to ask, let thought to ask through Google translate even.

People have had the same experience with the dueling tilt coasters as well: assumed one side was running, but they switched them later.

I wouldn't be surprised if the information was posted somewhere. Wanda/Sunac run things pretty well for Chinese parks.

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