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Great Escape - Senior Trip June 7, 2017


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For our senior trip this year, our class went to Great Escape. Though we went as a group, we still had free reign, so I took full advantage of this and went on as many coasters as possible. Unfortunately, Alpine Bobsleds was closed which sucked as I was looking forward to it being my first bobsled coaster. The sign claimed it closed due to "inclement weather" despite the fact it was quite sunny and warm. (My guess is rainwater accumulated on the track. It's an Intamin Sarajevo Swiss Bob and has a covered backing instead of the slats you would normally find.)

The park is overall decently themed, with different sections of the park sharing a common theme. The layout makes it a little easy to get lost if you're not careful, as it's clustered and spread out. Another thing to note is that the operations were not great; the only coaster running 2 trains was Comet.

Steamin' Demon - Classic arrow loop & corkscrew, not as rough as most them. It's a short walk from the entrance and the lines are never long, so I would recommend it as either a first or last ride of the day. My score: 7.5/10.

Canyon Blaster - Surprisingly smooth for an arrow. However, it's short (a majority of time is spent on the two lift hills), mostly forceless, and overall lackluster. Its only saving grace is that it has good laterals if you ride front row. Its a good family ride, but enthusiasts shouldn't expect an end-all be-all experience. I can only really recommend it for the credit. My score: 6/10.

Flashback - A typical Vekoma Boomerang, not much to say here. Still, it is very forceful, if a bit rough. Ride it for the credit. My score: 8/10.

Comet - My personal favorite in the park! This Philly Bob Co. kicks your ass, but it has great airtime and is very forceful, especially in the laterals department.
Its quite intense and really rough, but that's to be expected from its age and its nature of being a wooden coaster. The lift hill is rather fast for a woodie--it almost lobs you over it. Aim for the front row if you want a smoother experience, even if only slightly. The back row is even more intense, as usual. Another thing to note is that it's tucked away in the back of the park--it's a trek, but it's well worth it. I would give it a 9, but the roughness knocks off a point, so my final score ends up being 8/10.

Total credits from park: 4
I would have 5 if I could ride the kiddie coaster, but I was too tall. (I had a few hours to kill before we had to leave, so I figured I would ride it just for ****s and giggles and to be a one time credit whore.)

Notable flat rides
  • Sasquatch - S&S drop tower. Gives an amazing view of the surrounding mountains.
  • Greased Lightning - Larson Super Loop. Forceful, great hangtime, and very loud. It's no wonder why Darien Lake named theirs Rolling Thunder.
  • Screaming Eagles - Larson Flying Scooters. Two words: AIR DRIFTU!

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Great, you don't hear that much about Great Escape so it's nice to see a report from there. Guess it's because the park hasn't had any new coasters for years. Shame about the bobsled, they're fab. An excuse for a return visit maybe?


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...An excuse for a return visit maybe?

Most definitely.

Also, something else I wanted to address: what are they going to do with Nightmare at Crack Axle Canyon? Its been SBNO for over 10 years. Didn't they say they would be replacing it with something else? I know I'd like to see them reuse the building for a new dark ride coaster, maybe like a Eurofighter or Mack spinning coaster.
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^ Yeah, I wondered about that building when I was there. It's probably the best themed part of the park and yet it sits there empty! :(

Very generous ratings for some of the coasters there, but each to their own! You didn't miss much on the Bobsled tbh, other than the cred obviously...