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Great adventure vs Magic mountain competition for best 6 flags park

Which park won the battle?

  • Great adventure

    Votes: 2 50.0%
  • Magic mountain

    Votes: 2 50.0%

  • Total voters

Alex B

Matchups are

NItro vs goliath
Kingda ka vs superman
El toro vs Twisted collosus
the joker vs X2
Bizzaro vs scream
Runaway mine train vs gold rusher
Green lantern vs riddlers revenge
Superman vs Tatsu
Zumanjaro vs lex luther
(pretending its around and if u want u can ignore this)
Great american scream machine vs viper
Rolling thunder vs apocalypse

Matt N

Well-Known Member
Interesting poll! These two definitely seem like they are the flagship Six Flags parks of sorts, and both have stellar coaster selections! So, it might be fun if I offered my winners for some of your matchups (but do bear in mind that I have visited neither of these parks):
  • Nitro vs Goliath: I'm sure Goliath is a fine ride, but I adore a good B&M hyper, so I'll go for Nitro.
  • Kingda Ka vs Superman: I'm going to go for Superman here, as I actually hear quite a lot of people rave about it, whereas the average opinion on Kingda Ka is far less positive.
  • El Toro vs Twisted Colossus: This is a tough one. Both look awesome, but I'm going to go for El Toro, as it arguably looks to have some of the best ejector in the world!
  • The Joker vs X2: This one is somewhat easier; X2 all the way for me! I'm sure that Joker is fun, but X2 is just on a much larger scale generally; I'd almost argue that Joker vs Green Lantern First Flight would be a fairer comparison. However, I'm not really sure whether 4th dimension coasters would appeal to me as a ride type in general...
  • Bizarro vs Scream: Very hard one, as they're exactly the same layout. However, I'll go for Bizarro as it generally seems to get rated higher for some reason.
  • Green Lantern vs Riddler's Revenge: I'll go for Riddler's Revenge here, as the layout seems marginally more original and the ride generally seems to get higher ratings.
  • Superman vs Tatsu: I'm afraid I've got to go for Tatsu here, as it seems like a far more extensive layout than Superman.
So that's 4 wins for SFMM and 3 for SFGAdv, so Six Flags Magic Mountain is my overall winner! This matches up with my overall feelings on both!