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Got wood comp


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Hybrid coasters are hot now its your turn to get on the action design a hybrid coaster. No real restrictions as long as it follows the wood supports steel track or steel supported wood track.

Good luck I'll come up with a due date thinking june 8th enough time to finish?


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Sounds like a great idea, although I have never built a hybrid coaster. I will need to find some CS and things. Don't count me in yet, but you may well see me entering this comp sometime! :)

And just to clarify, its an RCT3 competition, right?


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I might consider entering. I haven't really uploaded anyth NL stuff so this could be a good opportunity. I have experimented with a hybrid coaster before so I could work on improving it and adding some terrain.

Though I'm not the best with taking a vids of my coasters. I'd like to know the simplest way of doing it please? I'm currently running on a Mac.