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Glenwood Caverns Incident


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This would be unlawful in the UK. Absolutely ridiculous if something like this applied here.

Horrible event
"You're responsible if our untrained staff f**k up."

I can't see how that could possibly be enforceable. They're, rightly, looking at a big lawsuit where that ridiculous waiver will be torn apart.


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Such a terrible reading report do feel for the family, wouldn't be the first time overridding the panel has caused injury's/death.
Wonder what the repercussions for the park will be


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I wonder how many accidents we have to experience that revolve around ride operators overriding a safety warning before parks start to take it seriously and only allow technical services to override such warnings.


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It’s tragic, but I have to ask how the family didn’t realise the child wasn’t wearing a seatbelt? Like how did the parents put two separate seat belts on themselves without thinking to check on their 6 year old?


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^ Don't think they have said who the other riders were (possibly deliberately) ; it was a big family group at the park, so I kinda though it might just have been a load of kids on the ride.

Which makes it even grimmer.