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Glenwood Caverns | Defiance | Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter | 2022


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What I like most about this is the "panorama stall" section that is really just the peak of the vertical lift hill. In the rendered video, you will notice that the coaster uses two sections of chain lift. The first gets riders to the top of the lift hill, while the second takes the cart up and over the crest at a presumably lower speed, in order to take in the view. Arguments can be made that its a similar system to whats used on B&M dive coaster drops, but I think its a unique and nifty piece of hardware that could possibly be a world's first on its own (prove me wrong, I'm far from 100% about that).
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It's got a second chain because NL2 doesn't allow variable lift speeds. It'll be one chain that slows down, that's all.

Peter Immelmann

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Since I read the announcement back in April, I was actually hoping that it would be Glenwood Caverns. Now, I'm really glad to hear that this is coming true. 😍 It's such a neat park with such a unique line-up of attractions. An outstanding roller coaster was the only thing that was still missing and here we go. I don't mind the short track length too much TBO. I mean, with the budget they probably have at hand I think that's the best they could do.


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The article also mentions they were initially intending on having the coaster dive off the cliff. But in the same situation as Cliffhanger at SFFT, it would've cost too much. I think this will be one of the more popular Euro-Fighters tbh, due to the incredible views and lapbars. Perhaps it will end up more popular than the 320 and 380 models?

Matt N

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Soooo... good job @Matt N for calling this?
Interestingly, I wasn’t actually the one who initially called this… I think @Jackson did a better job of calling it than me back on page 1 of the topic, possibly even suggesting the correct record:
Someone on Twitter brought up Glenwood Caverns, which makes a decent amount of sense. Challenging terrain and record breaking (highest elevation?).
Also, is this coaster a Euro-Fighter or an Infinity Coaster?


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Also, is this coaster a Euro-Fighter or an Infinity Coaster?
Eurofighter. A few of the newer ones have lap bars (a la my boy Tantrum), but the renders make it look like its a single car, whereas on the Infinity Coasters we have a car per each of the rows.


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To be honest, I've always felt mountain top coasters could do more with the terrain. This seems to be taking the tatsu approach, with massive supports, but I think it would have been way more insane if it had run down the hill further low to the ground, and built up massive speed, so more of the Eagle Fortress approach.


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Interestingly, I called it before all of you's lot.... I just didn't post it or say it publicly anywhere. 🤷‍♂️
But no, seriously, I did. As soon as they said 'challenging terrain' I thought 'terrain dun't get anymore challenging than Glenwood Caverns'.
And I make no secret of the fact that I am a bit of a Glenwood Caverns fanboy, but in the end I dismissed it as a dumb idea.

Shoulda gone with my gut.
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I'm really hoping that if this coaster is a success, then it'll be a trigger for bigger and better things to come. Perhaps we will see a larger coaster in the future, and one that will dive off the cliff.