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Went to see A Day To Remember in London last night, it was great! They're a mix of pop punk and metalcore so there's big catchy sing a long choruses then really heavy breakdowns in the same songs which made for a fun night.

I also went crowd surfing for the first time, it was exhilarating soaring over the heads of everyone while shouting along to the songs at the top of my voice. Definitely one of those never forget moments!
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I saw Dream Theater last night, for what I've worked out was the 12th time :)
It was a long set, involving the full Images and Words album, meaning finally getting to see Learning to Live, Another Day and Wait for Sleep played live and the encore was A Change of Seasons, which has always been one of my favourites, so that was awesome. The band were on form as well, and interacted with the crowd and each other, while pratting about with their instruments more than usual :) I also have a very soft spot for The Bigger Picture, though apparently Lain does not agree.

The ticket had been horrendously expensive, but that meant we were on the third row from the front - one minor complaint is the theatre style shows DT and a few other bands have started doing since 2012 meaning everyone is tightly seated and you can't really move around between songs; I really dislike being sat politely when something like The Dark Eternal Night or As I Am are being played. As such, I'm hoping they'll somewhere with a more 'metal gig' atmosphere in the near future - and that there's a 25 years of SFaM tour in 7 years time!

I also took a few pictures.

Next up is Iron Maiden in Oberhausen on Monday night!


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Been ages since I went to see a band live. Anyway, saw Queens of the Stone Age last night. They were fantastic. I really liked their stage setup, quite simple with some cool lighting but they also had these weird light poles which were flexible and occasionally they'd kick them or lean on them and it amused me. Sound within the o2 was perfect too, it was great to hear everything so clearly. There was only one track which I didn't like and from the mood in the room I wasn't alone (just way too slow and boring compared to everything else). Some of the solos were a bit ridiculous and long winded too, the drum solo was ridiculous.

There was a support act too but they were atrocious, always find it awkward when terrible bands open for such big gigs.

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Always fancied seeing QOTSA live but bugger if I'd see them at the O2 - that place has zero atmosphere. Willing to bet the slow song was Villains Of Circumstance off the new album. The album version builds and gets quite good but they did a stripped back version on Jools Holland recently that didn't seem to go down very well in (at least in some forums I hang about in). Glad you had a good time anyway.


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Saw Mr Robert Plant last night at the MancApollo, seen him a fair few times over the years (first time nearly 30 years ago when he played my University students union of all places - apparently he'd seen a band there once and liked the building). Anyway he was still sounding very good, if looking a bit old now. I am older now than he was the first few times I saw him. I'm old.... not as old as Percy though.
Good seat, bang in the middle, row #6 , crappy phone pic

Saw Metallica as well a month ago, at the MancArena. They are also older than me and I have also seen them a few times. They never played my Uni though.

A bit before that I saw Public Service Broadcasting at MancAcademy - they were just splendid. Brilliant stuff that.

And a little while before (August) that I saw the Flaming Lips in Birmingham - do love a bit of the lips. It's just such a joyful experience seeing them (and that from a grumpy cynic like me!)


Public Service Broadcasting were the support then too (it was meant to be a bit of a outdoor mini-inner-city-festival-type-thing, but the outdoor site had licensing issues so it was switched to indoors more like a 'normal' gig, though there were 4 bands on)

Earlier in the summer, Radiohead at the cricket ground - was a rescheduled gig as they were meant to be at the Arena but bad things happened and they had to cancel that. Was good, but stadium gigs are pretty horrible experiences...

Highlight this year was obviously Svalbard in Manchester though. Really crap phone picture though, wasn't trying. Sorry about that.

That should be it for this year, got a few lined up for next year already tho (Foos, ex-Mansun chap, Roger Waters a few times ; that sort of thing...)


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Don't know if this counts, but I'm going to see the Tran-Siberian Orchestra tonight! I've never seen them before, and all I know is Lasers and Music. Sounds fun to me!


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been to quite a few over the last year and a bit.

Starting with the best -
Space - Their albums are a mixture of good and bad , but the good stuff is excellent, Wasn't sure how well they'd be able to carry off their quirky sound - but Tommy Scott is a great vocalist and performer - one of the best coincerts I've seen! Only disappointment was no "diary of a whimp"

and the rest in order:
Cast - Towards the end of last year (and my first concert since REMs up tour!) - a band I'd almost forgotten about until I saw the poster advertising it - Glad I saw it, made me remember how much I like live music, and reminded me how great Guiding star is! (no "alright" though!)

Paul Heaton and Jacqui Abbott - time for some well crafted catchy pop - did about 1/3 Housemartins stuff and 1/3 Beautiful South stuff and 1/3 new stuff - no "A little time" though - boo!

My life story - another band who I didn't know where still around - played all my faves! - even Mr Boyd!

T'Pau - A serious of concerts celebrating 30 years since china in your hand was number one - One of my favourite late 80s bands and Carol Decker is gorgeous!, I can remember being jealous when my brother saw them about 25 years ago and got a signed t-shirt, so HAD to see them now I'd got the chance! She's still got it! Oh - and I got a signed cd AND a photo!


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Saw Him on Friday for their farewell tour :( .
Cant complain really, seen them easily 15 times and met them :D
Great band.

In March Katie and I will be seeing 30 Seconds to Mars in Birmingham. Very amazing tickets though, meet and greet, watching from the side of the stage and on stage for the final song!!!!!!


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Thanks to Sue I got to see Franz Ferdinand last night. They were great live and their new tracks are pretty good (maybe better live?). The band seem to genuinely have a great time performing, just created a great atmosphere.

I actually have another 2 gigs coming up this month, Alestorm and Bowling for soup. Pretty excited.


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^ Saw that pic on FB ; thought who is that blond CF-geek don't recognise him... then the penny dropped.


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Saw Bowling for Soup on Saturday at Brixton Academy. It was excellent and even better than when I saw them a few years back on their "last ever UK tour". They played their first album in its entirety with a couple of extra popular tracks. I was surprised and thrilled that they played the Phineas and Ferb theme song, I always love how most of the audience knows it, so fab. They were recording the show for a DVD so I might be on that.

They had two support acts. First was Army of Freshman who I'd never heard of before. Weirdly they started pretty much when the doors opened, I felt sorry for them as people were still spilling into the venue by the time they finished up. They were ok, had a good stage presence though and they looked like they were having a great time.

Next up was Aquabats, another band I had no prior knowledge of. They have gained a new fan! They were ridiculous in every way and I loved it. Their whole gimmick is they're like a lame superhero group from 80s kids TV and it's wonderful. There's a song about fighting a shark so they threw out inflatable sharks into the audience (someone crowd-surfed on one), another song about pizza where they threw out inflatable pizza slices (someone crowd-surfed on that too). At one point a villain arrived who threw actual bread into the audience and him and his goons had a fight with the band, the band won the fight and saved us from gluten! The whole thing was silly and hilarious.

Such a great show.


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They also have done their own kids show was on a couple of years ago. I was gutted not to be able to see them and bowling for soup this time around

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Saw Alestorm last night, an evening of insane Pirate themed metal, great stuff. The first support act were really fun and despite not understanding a word they were saying/singing (vocal audio was pretty rubbish all night, think it was down to each bands sound guys as it varied) I just enjoyed the vibe they created and the crowd really got into it. The second act however were not good, like.. at all. Really didn't help that the vocal audio managed to be worse for them but they all wore balaclavas which just looked really out of place? I dunno, their set was just a bit pants and you could tell the audience weren't as involved compared to the first band.

Then magic happened, in between the second support act and Alestorm Queens greatest hits were playing and everyone got involved. Things were pretty awesome during We will rock you but Bohemian Rhapsody took it to another level. Over 2000 people singing their hearts out to every single lyric is just a beautiful moment, even the guy in front of me made his hatred of Queen pretty known to his friend but he was singing along like everyone else. Such a joyous and fantastic moment. Pretty sure the intense singalong caused a delay in the band coming on stage too.

I've wanted to see Alestorm for years and it was incredible to finally see them live, the whole set was great pirate fun. They even had a large duck on stage! During the "slow" song the mosh pit seized and everyone sat on the floor and "rowed" along with the tune, it was amazing. The amount of people crowd surfing was nuts, they were also more successful than those at Bowling for Soup. At one point there was a rubber dingy for crowd surfing which amused me. The end song was very amusing and hearing people chant it on the way down to the underground afterwards would have been very weird for those that didn't attend.

Oh and they played the Mr Blobby song when they finished because that's just the sort of band they are.