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GhosterForce 8 - Trip Reports


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Have you had a chilling time? How did the fancy dress go? Trip reports in here please :)


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**** Experiment 10, **** horror mazes. Do not want ever again. Queueing for that **** me up so much.


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In the car using tapatalk so will keep it brief.

I had a fantastic time again with you all. Once again I can go away with many happy memories and would possibly say it was one of my fave GFs. Of course I will try and squeeze out something a little more substantial soon.

Hope everyone got home safe and sound.

Cuddles n stuffs to all x

Nemesis Inferno

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Was a good day out today, worth the trip down south really...

Forgot how fun these lives can be... Maybe I'll start going to more after uni's finished...


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Hey all.

It may have been 5 years since my last CF-Live but they are still as excellent as ever.
I met some excellent and truly lovely new people while catching up with some old friends I've greatly missed.

Anyway I have had a brilliant 2 days and thanks to everyone who made it happen.
As I have to be up early tomorrow I don't have time to write a full report but I shall quickly post a couple of shots from the 2 days to whet everyone's appetite for later :p





Once again cheers for a cracking time :)
see you all soon.


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IT WAS FAB. Weather held out well, had a right laugh, yaaaay! And rides were running so well! Colossus was FUN!?

More form me later also. I must rest.

Hot chocolate time.


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My organs are currentlu failing now from extreme tiredness but I can managed a big thanks for a really hood time. Thouroughly, ornhow ever its spelt, enjoed the entirty of these 2 days. ^_^

Now I will abandon trying to spell and sleep for long ass train jpurneu.


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Gutted. I had a well laid plan to come and do a surprise visit, but was utterly spited by trains from Euston back home :(

Can't wait to read more though filtering through as the day goes on :)


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My favourite part was the curry on the travelodge floor.


I'm writing this in my shower atm, so will post a better report later <3 x


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I won't post a full trip report seeing as I was only with CF for the ride on Vampire.
I think I'm a bit young for the lives ATM, so I shall be back when I'm a bit older. (And when my voice is lower so Jordan can't mimic it! :p)
Anyway, I had a great day. It was my first time at chessington so heres what I thought of the rides etc.

Vampire - This was good, and some of the turns caught me by surprise. And an excellent station!
Dragons Fury - This was brilliant, really good fun. I really loved the first drop.
Rattlesnake - My favourite wild mouse so far! Those first hairpin turns were brilliant, but sadly slowly came to a stop rather than an abrupt stop. :(
Mine train - Meh, good theming and stuff, but just a +1.
Kobra - Fun ride, but the experience was killed for me by the back restraint. It just seems like a silly design, really painful.

We also did dragon falls, a couple of flats, and the dark rides, which were all good.
Overall it was a really good day, in fact Chessie is now my favourite park! :--D


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I had a really great time! One of the best lives recently! :D

Some specific stuff I remember...

- Nice small group this year. It made it easy to get round and speak to everyone. Limited faff!
- The n00bs were fantastic and joined in! I'm sorry to hear Mouse feels he's a bit too young, I don't think that's the case at all, it just takes a while sometimes to get into the swing of it!
- Weather was mostly great! Not too cold, not too wet!
- Thorpe wasn't that busy at all!
- Rides were running SO WELL towards the end of the day at both parks. I've never had such a good ride on Colossus, ever! Fast and smoooooth!
- SCARLET's HAIR AHAHAHAHAH. It was fun to create on Sunday night and hilarious to watch it on rides. Makes me wanna try a costume next year...
- Great to see some faces we don't often these days! Az and Laura, RoomRaider Dave, Slayed, Rach, fantastic to have Scarlet back at a GF too! Gutted Kir didn't turn up. Burdenous Kir. </3
- Pancakes. </3
- Fab salad in the glasshouse.
- Queue to get into Fooorrrp, eugh. </3
- Imagining the face of the person who crashed into Tina's car when she stepped out dressed as a Zombie.
- Chessington's Krypt thingy was actually amazing, especially for a temporary attraction.
- My Rachel making an appearance at Chessington despite being actually dead that morning. <3
- Not having to get burdenous public transport. <3
- Being one of like 5 people to not win a faffle prize. </3
- BEST RIDE ON DRAGON FALLS EVER. We would have gotten soaked and that would have been vile were it not for the poncho. I had so much fun. I'm not sure why.
- Had lots of fun queueing for Rattlesnake too and not specifically sure why. Just good convos I think.
- Having too many glowsticks and not knowing what to do with them all.
- Rachel taking the piss out of the ridiculous number of glowsticks, shortly followed by glowstick envy.

More later. <3


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Welp, Me and Cthulhu got back perfectly fine, as fine as our standard will allow us to be. Big massive thanks to Mark for the Event, John for letting me stay over, Scarlet for the lift, Fraser for getting me into Chessie and Everyone else for making the trip so amazing.

Edit: Now I'll just trip over my bag and throw water everywhere in post-live excitement cooldown

Edit2: Arson event comment removed by me.


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^ Oh yes, THOSE two people.....

What a day! Filled with all sorts of excellent things going on, here are some highlights:

- People I've not met before being awesome
- The two arsonists being ejected from the park
-Almost capsizing in the 'works
- The Krypt maze actually being pretty good for what it was
- Will's glove of disapproval
- Fake KFC
- Faffle of awesome prizes
- Hiding shamefully behind Katy's poncho on the flume
- Awful Taco
- Glow Sticks!!!

I've still got a buzz from it all, and am still just a little depressed that it's all over for this year.....Roll on next year!


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Yeah, regarding the "arson" incident. For those that don't know, Martyn H and Peter were escorted by security from the Rameses Revenge queueline for setting fire to a piece of paper.

We ask attendees time and time again to respect park rules when attending a CF-Live. Although I am under the impression that Martyn H is the main culprit and Peter was an unfortunate bystander. Until I hear the full story from the park, Martyn H and Peter, both are banned from CF and attending future CF-Lives.

The CF team have worked hard to build relationships with many UK parks so I'm not going to have our reputation tarnished by a couple of idiots, hence my hard standpoint.

This matter is being dealt with by myself and Chessington so no further mention is required. A incident like this should not detract from the great time that (I hope) everybody had!

Plus it meant more glowsticks for everybody else :wink;

On the plus side, I had an AMAZING time. That's two years on the trot at Thorpe where I've really enjoyed it! Pink hair, "John, that is a new machine!", glowsticks, dirty trim, Lady Gaga on Stealth, Saw ERT and the two FAB Thorpe staff I was speaking to (Becky and Neil), faffle prizes ranging from a vile Drayton money box to soap-powdered flavoured mints to the fab Rainbow Magicland mousepad set, Sue's headgear, 36-person exit pass, Tina "Papa-bloody-razzi" Beans, Inferno running INCREDIBLY fast, the costumes, me ironically saving Vampire from burning down, Vadge's CWOA strop :p, meeting some great first-timers, AJ's glowstick cock, whipping Rabould's arse, Angry Birds toy, VIP smoking areas, Slayed dancing... I could go on. Perhaps I'll pad it out in a proper trip report in the near future.


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Was a really good live, great sized group and the new people just fitted it straight away.

Ride wise I did not do much but spent time talking to people and catching up so it was all good :)

Lots of highlights but the Bubble Works queue was so funny, 20 people doing the Slayed dance lol :)

Thanks to Ian and Thorpe for the Saw ert. Thanks Mark for getting us round the parks. Thanks to Slammer for breaking and who ever got the fast pass :)

Staff at both parks were fantastic, all shop workers were friendly and the girl in front of Slammer made me laugh :)

Ian's face on the stealth station was a classic when he spotted the 'dirty' trim on Swam.

So a great live with great people.

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Time for a trip report then...

After journeying down from Stoke on Monday, Tuesday morning happened WAY too quickly and early for myself, let alone those who had been at Thorpe, however I arrived at 10 to join the few who had already arrived, missing the traffic apparent on the M25... An hour later, we had all said hello and off to Vampire...

At this point I launched myself to hug Michael (who I used to work with) at the entrance of the ride, and promptly slipped and met the floor with a thump to the both of us... I believe no actual evidence of the drop itself exists, more the aftermath, but hey, might as well cause chaos after 3 years of not...

In the queue I was filled in with the events of Monday (which might well be detailed later) and introduced to the concept of Slayed dancing, which later involved into MEXICAN SLAYED... Much humour occurred as this began to filter it's way around the queue much like the sweets and biscuits... Vampire was as ever with the shunt and decent pace... Always enjoyable... Shame the actors (including Terry Jones I believe) weren't around to join in...

Next was Bubbleworks, where Mexican Slayed really took off in the station's staircase... Excellently fab times indeed, and I remembered how fun these Lives actually are...

The next ride was the randomly decided Seastorm, before the group split off for lunch... Not wanting pizza, myself and John wandered over to the hotel for the rather empty yet delicious Zafari Grill... Filled up, we met up once again for the annual Dragon Falls Faffle...

The location slightly changed due to the Mega Mouth Scream Team people, all but 5 people won some tat, including myself for the first time ever, two wristbands... Horray! Although in the end I did want the Rainbow mousemat... Sad face :(

Falls happened, with the elephant naturally catching people out, and John once again proving who does the BEST facial expressions for photos... We headed off to Tomb Blaster, only to discover it wasn't letting people in, so Rameses happened...

Once that was over, Mexicana was next with Runaway Train (lacking enthusiam unfortunately) and Rattlesnake... Typical rides they were indeed... And before long we headed back towards Wild Asia for some Tuk Tuks and WITCHES!

Next was the surprise of the day for me, Krypt... No idea what was going to happen after the excessively slow queue, but was certainly worth it in a way... Very enjoyable, very silly, very suited to Chessie... They did very well with the theming on it as well, and needs to happen MORE!

Then the glowsticks appeared in various shapes and sizes (AJ's cock and bra, Katy's crown, Slayed's glasses) and once suited up, we headed to Fury, which had a rather quick moving queue for a change this year, although that didn't stop Joey being prevented from joing us at the station... Fury was running EPICALLY I might add as well... Love it to pieces that ride...

With only 15 minutes of the day left the next ride was to be our last, so skipping Buccaneer made sense even if it was something I was looking forward to... However Vampire's dark and dank queue is always fab in the dark and the ride even fabber... Great atmosphere...

Unfortunately that was it... The day went by way too quickly for my liking in the end, as we missed out on Buccaneer, Tomb and possibly Hocus Pocus Hall... However it didn't detract from an awesome day which made me think how many I shall turn up to next year...

Cheers to everyone involved... Now to get my watch fixed...


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Nemesis Inferno said:
Once that was over, Mexicana was next with Runaway Train (lacking enthusiam unfortunately)


(avoiding that for the rest of my life now since it ruined my throat)


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I had a FAAABBB time! It was my first GF in 5 years and I'm so very glad I did it!

I don't really do reports or things I can't face the academic vibe of it so I'll just list off amusements!

The HAIR! The fact it wasn't even a costume or idea just FAB hair and a FAB volatile denim dress which I later tacked on as being a TROLL costume <3
Ian's impending and consistent arousal in my direction, but his "no pink no convo" attitude at Chessington.
JULIAN!!! The best dad ever!
Rumba Rapids being AWFUL and the waterfall just NOT turning off, UGH
Having to eat chorizo with hands because of glass house's lack of cutlery vigilance! Fab salad though
Sue's mouldy refill bottle, UGH!
Cancelling our appointment with the colonel at short notice :(
Abandoning SAW ERT because "multiple saw, ugh"
"IS THAT YOUR REAL HAIR?" Managing to keep it on with my side handles on every ride
Lives just WASTED on Slammer
Saw at 10pm SOAKING
Spiting the mazes and feasting on PANCAKES
The ludicrous sugar dosing, the woman's blatant DISREGARD for calories and RDAs
Hairspray break, actually parking on TARMAC
Burdenous costume fans around the park offering high fives

Avoiding Dodge-thems and spending it with Alex and the Mar(c/k)s, Ian and a light dose of Mushroom
VILE chocolate mousse that just had to be consumed <3
Pizza pasta buffet exploitation, comparison of AWFUL parental-type figures <3
Using Jordan's toilet
The toilet INCIDENT
The rameses INCIDENT
Ian's heroic disconnection of the burning light
Cessation of colloquial suspension with Ian
William S. Hippin's most interesting glowstick atom
Makeshift poncho MARQUEE on dragon falls completely enclosing Joey, myself and AJ from Hell2o
Scraping the floor the whole circuit <3
Alex's rapid phallic glowstick shapeshifting upon realisation of the chessington audience.
Nipple contours!
Severed foot <3
Glowstick madness and my "forever stylish" design (not my words)
Katy's Jesus
Kir not showing up UGHHH </3
Jake lookalike on the Krypt video
The burdenous krypt queue </3
"Don't throw that pig"

Ugh can't hurt brain anymore with this so will stop. Thanks for a fab time everyone, thanks Mark for organisation, thanks for everyone who brought sweets haha.

Thanks John and Kim for being lovely passengers (John as always), and thanks Fraser for premium pass parking at Thorpe and for your entry requirement at Chessington. I hope you got to Thorpe without too much hassle and had a good day in the end - even if I will never empathise with your reasoning for doing so :p

Thanks Joey for restructuring THE WIG.