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GF 666: Curse of the Omen - Trip Reports!


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Late, but better late than never.

Leigh, what a bloody amazing video, seriously. OMG.

Well done, your effort was well worth the final product!


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I finally gave in and came to have a nosey at what I missed out on...................................wwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!


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OK, after trawling back through to find pictures that could be used for banners on this years Live page I came across a mahooosive amount of little red crosses!

Has anyone got a copy of the Costume Group photo from TP?


Strata Poster
^ odd - that might just be you? I can still see the pics in the thread?

Rach's group photo was at;


just bung that ^ in your browser?


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He want the COSTUME ONLY photo. I have an obstructed photo, which is no good, but it is Rach obstructing me. Therefore, she must've taken a pic of the costumed group.

Rach'll have one :D


Strata Poster
Yeah, I have the normal group images. I need the ones of the costume people in front of Saw...

By the way, just been watching last years vids again. Leigh, they were awesome!