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Gardaland to open Legoland Water Park in 2020


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Following from the successes of Legoland Water Parks at Legoland Resorts in America, Merlin are expanding the idea and incorporating the idea of a Legoland Water Park into Gardaland's resort offering:

“The first LEGOLAND Water Park in Europe will be built inside Gardaland Resort and it will also be the first in the world inside a theme Park not LEGOLAND branded”, Gardaland CEO, Aldo Maria Vigevani, declared today.
The LEGOLAND Water Park, which is primarily geared to families with children aged two to twelve, expresses the founding values of the LEGO brand, namely: Fun, Quality, Imagination, Creativity, Learning. All these elements are perfectly aligned to Gardaland’s core values: Fantasy, Adventure and Magic.
The LEGOLAND Waterpark is therefore totally complementary to Gardaland, the number one Fun Park in Italy, ranked among the top parks in Europe, and SEA LIFE Aquarium, the only themed aquarium in Italy. Thanks to the incredible novelty, Gardaland will offer its guests yet another reason to prolong their fun inside the Resort staying at one of the three fantastic themed Hotels: Gardaland Hotel, Adventure Hotel and the brand-new Magic Hotel.

I know some people will immediately jump to the conclusion of 'this is happening because of the recent takeover'. But just to be clear: this is in no way related to the recent takeover. This has been planned for significantly longer and is purely coincidence that it's been announced now.

It's perhaps unsurprising that Merlin have decided to go down this route. They love IPs, they love the ideas of resorts and offering as much as possible. Using Lego means they avoid using an outside IP, introduces the Lego visitor brand to Italy and offers much more to Gardaland, a park which already has a huge reach.


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Today I found a small documentary on youtube about Gardaland and its future.
In the video the host ask Gardaland's CEO about what will the relationship with the lego brand bring to the resort.
The CEO replied that they are really happy to work with the lego ip as it is a really well recognise and beloved brand and he also said that the water park is NOT going to be the only lego related project the resort will deal with.

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