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Gardaland to add waterpark for 2020?

Matt N

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Hi guys. I just saw an interesting rumour on Screamscape saying that Gardaland could be looking into a Splash Landings-inspired waterpark for 2020:
Screamscape said:
2020 - Waterpark - Rumor - (3/14/19) The latest rumors for Gardaland in 2020 suggest that the park may be looking at adding a separate gates waterpark to entertainment guests visiting the resort area and on-site hotels. One early rumor suggests they may be taking inspiration from Alton Towers waterpark, which could mean that this would be an indoor facility for guests to enjoy year-round.
Very interesting; we'll have to see how things develop! What do you guys think?
P.S. Here's the Screamscape link: http://www.screamscape.com/html/gardaland.htm

Chris Brown

Mr CoasterForce 2016
It would have to be pretty special as Caneva world up the road is extremely popular, I also don’t think you can really justify an indoor water park in the Italian climate, they’d have to operate it standalone to Gardaland as if it followed the theme park season it would render the idea of it being an ‘all weather’ facility pretty useless. If they broke the bank on an outdoor waterpark they could quite easily steal some of Caneva Worlds thunder


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If this is true, it's very much a left field addition.

I know Garda haven't been keen on a waterpark due to the nearby competition, and they've wanted to expand the resort-side of things in other ways. If they did build a waterpark, then yeah, it would have to be a HUGE investment for them. For lack of better phrasing, there's much safer ways they can develop the resort than a waterpark imo


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I honestly think the execs at Merlin pick investment ideas out of a hat and just run with it.