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Since all this lock down business is happening. Anyone have some gaming recommendations. Recently I completed the main story of Celeste, bloody incredible game, frustrating but awesome! Also has an incredible soundtrack too! Did it on a live stream (Which I am doing 10am uk time till 12pm at the moment at
). Anyone got some suggestions which other people might like playing?

This was part 1 of my Celeste playthrough:


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I love Celeste so much. Probably my favorite platformer I've ever done? It's incredible to have a game with that kind of art style have such a touching story. Definitely one of the hardest games I've played as well. I put a good 40 hours into it playing through all the B-sides and a few of the C-sides. I finally yielded halfway through the DLC level though a few months ago though, was ready to move on at that point. Can't wait to see what else the developer does. I'm a big fan of their other game Towerfall, one of the best couch multiplayer games imo.

In terms of what I'm focusing on now, well, the release of Animal Crossing: New Horizons timed perfectly with all this isolation... that'll keep me busy for months.

I also picked up Assassin's Creed: Black Flag a couple weeks ago. Actually never played an AC game before, but this one was always on my radar. Pretty good stuff so far, I think the mix of pirate adventure and stealth/combat situations keep the gameplay pretty interesting.


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Oh boy, where to begin...

Just picked up a Switch last week, which was a ****ing nightmare to find, so elected to pick up Pokemon Shield with it. I was very critical of lack of national dex, but I really am loving the game so far. The wild area is what I hope the games transition to in the future.

World of Warships - Yeah, this game is ****ing fun and eats up most of what should be my sleeping hours. So much fun.

Cities Skylines - If I'm not playing the two above, it's this, and a lot of it. Once I finally got a PC that could run it, I've been balls to the walls. Steam tracks the hours but we aren't going to talk about that.

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I'm currently working through We Happy Few. Which is really interesting and pretty original if somewhat flawed as well. I'm enjoying it though.

Last week I worked my way through Rime which was gorgeous and has one of the most beautiful soundtracks I've come across. The emotional impact and general themes are pretty heartbreaking at times too.

And since epic have been giving away World War Z for free we've had some good Co op evenings working our way through that.

I would say they are all flawed games in their own ways but I've enjoyed each one.

Oh and when there's nothing else to do I still kick around building new custom rides for open rct. Just this week designed a working Falcons Fury and made an X-car train that can reverse and have proper launched backwards sections.


Last ps4 game I finished was days gone, which was really good and way longer than I expected - plus it kind of feels appropriate for the post apocalyptic world we're currently in.

Other then that on PC if your lucky enough to have a VR setup then half life: Alyx is amazing and at times terrifying!

Greedfall is another good one I've been working my way through on PC, well worth the asking price.

Oh, and two point hospital has a load of DLC now and is good chill fun.