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Furuviksparken 2023


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Edit; Or at least, the unit sitting in the yard is going to Saudi Arabia. They're currently producing a second one of these and it could be headed anywhere for all we know.
Please NO!!
Do you really think a redesign of a 14 year old ride, will give Furuvik the quality the are looking for?
This is the first larger coaster Sartori have build in 14 years time and only the second new coaster they've build in the last 13 years.


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Looks like they are getting some sort of launched Vekoma roller skater:-



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Well, that's what you would expect from a park like Furuvik. Was hoping for the space warp but nope.

At least now we know that P&R still have a working relationship with Vekoma. Please put a RMC Raptor at either Kolmården, Gröna Lund or Skara. Or just give all those parks a raptor each. Kolmården could get the extended raptor like Jersey Devil, Skara could get an original prototype and Gröna Lund could get a custom one to fit in on the limited plot. That would be a dream. Cant have too many raptors ;)
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Isn't that a little redundant as they already have a Junior Boomerang?
They're very different experiences in my books. This is a step up in terms of thrill too, albeit not hugely.

How boring is that...
I'd say it's more exciting-looking than any standard Vekoma Rollerskater, of which this seems to be a version of. Yeah it's not going to set the world alight, but in terms of excitement, I think it's pretty bang on the money for what it's trying to achieve.


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If it’s anything like the Vekoma at Tibidabo it should still be fairly intense in some spots. Looks like it’s going to be using quite a bit of the terrain as well.