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Furius Baco Heartline


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Is it even possible to heartline Furius Baco?

If so how would you go about doing this?


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God lain be blunt! :lol:

Anyways no. (As lain said.)
You can "heartline" the middle of the car, but were the actual riders are no.
However you could construct the track, it could never happen. The riders are off the track, there is no way you can get them to heartline.


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NickkyG said:
You could make an absolute perfect one if the riders sat single-file :O!

Actually, technically not. The only true way/perfect way, would be on a pipeline coaster.

You'd only be able to heartline one side at a time.
Think of what you'd be doing to the other side. (You'd probably end up with way to much G's)


I'm pretty sure that the inline is heart-lined just like any other inline.

Just draw a line across the heart positions of all the seats and use the middle point of it to heart-line the track around, just like any other coaster.

It doesn't matter how many seats the car's are wide, the heart-line of the car is in the center and on the same level as the hearts of the riders.


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^Exactly, and will be the most comfortable position for the most amount of riders.

You could make an absolute perfect one if the riders sat single-file
Not fully correct. You would need all the riders to have the same heartline. You'd either have to change seat position of make sure you only allow clones of one person on the ride. Don't forget that everyone's heart is in a slightly different position within their body.

That's just being really anal.

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If the inline wasn't hearlined, the riders would roll above and below the track causing major lateral G's. At least hearlining the center car allows the riders to roll over giving you positive and negative G's, which we can withstand more of.


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From memory I don't think it was heartlined at all, I think it is just a flat spin, but very drawn out to minamise lateral forces. You can see what I mean in theis video, especially the section taken from further back on the train.
Great ride though!

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^ Nah, it is heartlined.

You can see this in the entry and exit of the S-Bend, the airtime hill over the station, the inline and the exit out of the inline.


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Yes now I can see the heartlining but still how would they go about heartlining it, surely just heartlining the centre wouldn't work?

And thanks for the replies guys.

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^ Heartlining the centre would work as you don't want the riders to move laterally, instead, you want to create vertical G forces, a sort of head-over-heals movement. It's exactly the same as heartlining a traditional coaster, you're eliminating lateral G forces.