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Fuji-Q | Unknown | Intamin Multi-Launch Motorbike? | 2023


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Exactly! The parks appeal is being nuts, extreme unusual thrills on one side and fluffy clouds on the other. With a top burger in the middle. The bizzare spectrum gives me a chuckle and I enjoy the rough edges. And did anyone notice that volcano? Quirky to the max so when they go sensible its just not the same. Flamingo land already beat them to overpaying so they don't get that wrinkle either.

I'm sure I would be way more excited if this went into any other park and praise them for rounding out the offerings to please everyone. I do like the blue hue though, my favourite Lego colour.


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I was meant to be off to Japan for the Olympics this year but that'd been pushed back a year. I was trying to decide whether to go at the start of next year or maybe wait until the back end to catch whatever Fuji Q were building. If this is accurate, it doesn't matter matter. Couldn't care less about this.

And also whats with the pointless record guff "Fastest double launch motorbike coaster in Asia thats on a Blue Track over concrete". I mean I cant be bothered going on RCDB but are there really that many competitors for that record?


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It's not the Motorbike coaster




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That opens up quite a bit of space given that the wild mouse was removed recently, too. No big loss on the crap in that building disappearing either.

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when you ride almost fujiyama/dodonpa, do you still queue in the regular line and then get in the real train with a helmet but then just sit there not moving for 3 minutes while it plays out? that would be amazing

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With the budget being talked about allegedly being equal to that of Eejanaika and larger than Takabisha and Dodonpa, I’d certainly be surprised if it was something as small and compact as that motorbike proposal. Also, the area is very large, and could fit something much bigger.

If it does end up being a motorbike coaster, then I’d expect it to be a pretty long, substantial one.