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Frightwater Valley 2/11/14


Goon of the Year
Final day of the season, and they are finishing off with Frightwater. So we went into with a few expectations. Most of the scary stuff didn't happen until 3pm. Which include their maze, Raptor Attack Live and Ghost Train (Ultimate station to entrance station)

The main scare maze was in the forest area near the walkway towards Eagles Claw. It was themed to a Fun House with scary clowns. It wasn't the greatest. Just people in plastic clown masks just jumping out at you. There was no creepy music either, which was a shame.

Raptor Attack live... Well what a shambles. Even though last year was the best. (Even though I was with a couple of actors on this day, and one of them was Reb too). This was just a shambles! Main tunnel, ust 1 actor that just growled in the shadows, not chasing us down. Done the main ride, not one in the office on the ground floor. Heading up the ride exit, and there was only 1 actor in the cage at the top, and screamed after we got into the shop. Utter ****!!

So the ghost train. Some actors underneath the Falls of Terror, they were okay. We got told constantly that it will get scarier when it gets darker. Which is a bit crap really.

Onto a big low light of the day. At the top of falls of terror, saw the attendant throw an old slush cup off the top and into the trees, commented to a friend I was with about it. He must of heard us and said 'I don't care as I am getting laid off today'. Which I thought as very unprofessional, so complained about it.

Here is some videos from Valley Mania.

Ghost Train:

Raptor Attack Live

There was a clown lurking about before the maze opened, and the guy in the boiler suit was a actor too!

This was repeated all the time at the maze entrance.

They had some of these screens around too with singing stuff for kids

So yeah, not great -_-