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Freizeitpark Plohn | Dynamite | Mack BigDipper


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Not the most up to date pictures but these show the progress being made on the tunnel and footers.
Digging work on the tunnel begins.

Concrete base and footers go in.

Wall going up.

Footers being poured. Here the coaster will have a turn around the park's breakdance flat ride.


Overview of the site with the curve marked in red and tunnel in yellow.

Source: http://www.dynamite-plohn.de/en/fotos


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Super excited to see this materialise now. I love Lost Gravity and can't wait to see another one of these in the world.


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I'm surprised to see work already taking place on this, is it just because it's an awkward location?


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Press article about Dynamite which reveals the ride's theming will include an audio animatronic which will explain the ride's backstory.

Plohn. The sun is shining. Frost and snow have transformed Freizeitpark Plohn into a frozen winter wonderland. The builders of VSTR Rodewisch can not be put off by this. They are about to build a tunnel underneath the western town and the foundations for the new Big Dipper "Dynamite" rollercoaster, which will be making its rounds here from 2019 with breathtaking screws, loops and overhead passages.

The spectacular ride from the manufacturer Mack Rides is the first of its kind in Germany. At 44 meters, it will also be the tallest roller coaster in East Germany and travel at speeds up to 100 kilometres per hour.

To make room for "Dynamite", the "Silver Mine" was removed, which was the park's first roller coaster. Also, the tracks of the Westerneisenbahn had to give way for the construction. Massive masses of earth were moved for the planned tunnel. After the floor slab, the tunnel walls have now been poured. In total, more than 200 tons of steel, including the foundations, have been installed.
"The foundations have to be built down to the existing rock, sometimes seven meters deep, each foundation has to be measured and planned individually," says Park Managing Director Lutz Müller. Twice, according to the VSTR developers, it was necessary to blow them up because the rock was too close to the surface. (haha actual Dynamite was used to build Dynamite!) All this makes the project more expensive. "We had expected 400,000 euros, now there are over a million," clarifies Park founder and co-CEO Arnfried Völkel. As a result, this new themed coaster will cost the theme park more than six million euros. Quality has its price.

This also applies to an audio animatronic that will tell the story of a gold find at the entrance of "Dynamite". "With all the extras, the figure costs around 33,000 euros," explains Arnfried Völkel, who with a lot of imagination and a dedicated team, has made the Freizeitpark Plohn since 1996 a Mecca for family excursionists.



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Can't wait for it to go vertical!
We have to wait until September/October. The park will finish the footers and ground work until the summer season (opening the whole week) and starting with the second part of the construction after the last part of Germany finishes the holidays/vacations.


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A combination of 2 trains with 8 people? Ok, there are 3 possibilities here.
  • The article isn't correct and it actually ahs more than 2 trains.
  • The article is correct about 2 trains, but there are at least 12 passengers per train.
  • The park is investing in a coaster with a stupidly low throughput, lower than a Sky Rocket II.
A combination of points 1 and 2 would be nice (at least 3 trains of at least 12 passengers), but I think the most likely option is point 3 (what the article says) because the logo only showcases a 2-row train, and the park doesn't get the attendance for a high capacity ride (not yet anyway), e.g. their wooden coaster El Toro only has the one train. However I think this coaster will be even lower throughput than that, unless this ride is similar to Oblivion in track length.​


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You realise this is a small family park yeah? Capacity and throughput aren’t all that important here.


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Not all run three cars, though, ATI. This is a really small park with not that huge of an attendance - if the park has made the judgement call to only have that TRPH, then it's right for them and that's that?


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I didn't think that Falcon at Duinrell does? Plus, Speed at Oakwood never runs three? Also, Speed has two trains... and it barely runs both.