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Freizeitpark Plohn | Dynamite | Mack BigDipper


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I was so happy today when I read that. I really want to ride a big dipper. Mack is love, Mack is life <3

Pink Cadillac

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This is cool! Wouldn't mind if they keep the first half of Lost Gravity and do something more interesting with the second.

Chris Brown

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Oh fab. Loved lost gravity and have always thought this park looked really cute, from photos the woodie looks excellent and the interaction with the log flume works really well. Wouldnt mind paying the place a visit.

Only issue i see with this is it looks like the first drop has changed, a real shame as the first drop on LG is probably the best I've experienced.


Proprosed layout as shown in the ZDF - german tv station - screenshot:

90°-First-Drop mit holding brake, Top Hat with heavily inclined downwards leg , block brake, Dive Drop, overbanked curve, Drop&Hop, curves and S-Curves, Heartline-Roll before final break


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Weird that we're finding out about this so far in advance? Sounds like a great move by the park though, as others have already pointed out, Lost Gravity is fab and there needs to be more of them.

I've wanted to visit this park for a while now so at least this will give me even greater incentive to visit in 2019.


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This was in the comments on the parks FB post WTF?



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^ I've noticed that when I read German forums through a translator, it often shows a lot of people are "horny" for things. I'm assuming it's the closest word to a term that perhaps isn't around in the english language.


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Geil is the German word for horny. However it has in recent years become to mean exciting/awesome/cool etc. But things like Google translate don't realise this.
Similar I suppose to how in English the word gay used to only mean 'happy' but now is more frequently used to mean 'homosexual'.


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Lengenfeld Technical Council was recently discussing and advising the park on the structure of a tunnel for the ride. Since this is meant to be the first Mack BigDipper Dive Coaster, I assume the holding break drop will go down into the tunnel (Baron 1898/Oblivion style). The council report also states the ride is more than 40 meters tall and the cars will travel at speeds up to 100km/h.

Coaster logo.

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Dynamite very much feels like a dark horse coaster. It's interesting to see a holding brake mechanism used along a layout that will be much tighter and snappier than B&M Dive Coasters.


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For such a small park I actually think it is well done. At least they are trying to do something, even if their possibilities are limited. Other parks post it on Facebook and put up a few posters and that's it.


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I'm sorry, that sounds really rude. Excuse me. I just wanted to say, that this is no public tv marketing or television news clip. Only something the park produced. – And yes, for the size of the park it is a big step and great feature!