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Fox Studios World, my second RCT2 park

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Woo hoo! Car park! How exciting! Seriously though I wouldn't consider this a worthy update. All you really proved is that you have a ****load of patience with the path tool LOL. But for what it's worth, it's a good car park. I like the fencing you have used and the colour of it really works. In the area of trees in the first one, change the ground colour to the patchy grass colour and use a ****load of those shrubs and bushes to make the ground look more dense and interesting than just plain grass. What should understand about the default grass colour is that it looks too perfect and manicured to be in a natural setting. That ground colour should only be really used in areas where grass is actually well kept, like around those signs with the movie titles on them.


It's been a long time, but I never gave up on getting this park done. However, a combination of waiting for some custom scenery to be made for me, coupled with becoming a new father, and my job going on strike (visit www.saveourparamedics.com to help me out), the game simply had to wait.

Anyway... on to some screenshots. Unlike past practice, I am posting each screenshot in my posts themselves. Feedback is appreciated, as I try to make this park better then my first.


Easily seen is the parking lot, the roadway, including the entrance into the park, and the Gated Fox Hotel and Condo Resort. Along the roadway are signs of various movie titles that will be used in the park. Also visible is the kiss n' ride, and a portion of the park itself that is very much under construction.


This facility welcomes guests who plan on visiting the theme park or not, although it does feature its own exclusive entrance into the park. Such outdoor resort activities include tennis, swimming, picnic areas, and mountain wall climbing.


The park entrance has different services, including guest services, group sales, separate men and women washrooms, and the ticket booths. As said above, the portion you can see that is of the park itself has just begun.

These screenshots are also available at ThirstyDeer Online! - my lil' personal RCT2 site.

Feedback welcome!

On a side note, my website has been updated, including new information about the park.
It's definitely better than your first park! I really like the hotel, it's something I could definitely imagine seeing in real life. The pool area isn't the greatest, but maybe it's the checkers that I don't like. The park entrance looks nice, though some of the buildings near the fountain look a little too simple.. If I entered a park and saw dull, non-complex buildings, I might be a bit underwhelmed.

It definitely has potential, so keep it up! I really like the hotel, as I said.


@ LiveForTheLaunch: I changed the pool pathing and got rid of the checkers. You're right, it wasn't working out, and at least a few others made the same comment as you did.

@ RollerCoasterFanatic: Thank you

Here is a bit of an update. I put a lot of work into every little part of the park (even if the results don't seem to show it), so even when time goes by without updates, and I don't have a large one to post after all that time, it doesn't mean I haven't been working long and hard on getting this park done. I just want to get it done right.

On to the screen shots...


On the outside, these buildings appear to be separate from each other. However, on the inside, they are all inter-connected, and are home to many licensed food stalls such as McDonalds, Subway, Pizza Hut, and Popcorn, as well as restrooms and an ATM machine. My goal with these buildings was to have them themed similarly, but also have each of them a bit unique from each other.

Next screen shot...


Similar to the amphitheater I designed in my earlier attempt at FSW, this one is a relatively simple layout. It is named after my home park's private area (Canada's Wonderland). Beyond the amphitheater is the private functions area, including stage and audience, and covered eating area.

As always, these screen shots, other updates and information, including my other custom RCT2 park download is located at ThirstyDeer Online! - my own lil' RCT2 site.

There won't be anything new posts from me over the next few weeks as I am heading to Europe to visit the in-laws... yay :)
The buildings in the first screen are pretty well done, maybe a little bit too bright, but decent overall. If you're not going for peep friendly, take the entrance/exit away on the observation tower or at LEAST change them to maybe the wooden entrance/exit or something.

Second screen looks okay besides all those circus tenty type canvassas.


@LiveForTheLaunch: Thanks for the suggestions. So far haven't changed the entrance, but that might change. It is an actual ride peeps will go on. As for the the tent cover, that was the idea - a basic tent covering private picnic/dining area.

I managed to make a bit of last minute progress before I go to Europe for some holidays. I am starting to feel optimistic about this park, and in my own humble opinion, believe my abilities have even improved from my original attempt at making FSW - but I guess that's not for me to conger.

Regardless, I am quite happy I have pretty much finished an entire section of the park, I just need to tweak a few things here-and-there. International Street is home to restaurants, souvenirs, a monorail station, and even a few rides (such as the Fox Lookout seen in previous screenshots, and 2 new rides...


This screenshot shows the monorail station (the track is not built yet), but this station is also home to 4 souvenir shops, as well as a pathway that goes right through the structure. The shops sell sunglasses, plush toys, teddy bears, and hats. Beside the station is the Action 3Deatre. Featuring a rather posh exterior, it is home to great cinesphere style 3D shows. One annoying thing I am trying to fix is getting rid of that annoying white "ghost" of a diagonal railing that seems to be immovable.


In keeping with the flavour of International Street, which includes generic ride titles (Fox Lookout, Backlot Tours, Action 3Deatre), I gave in to temptation, and put in the first coaster of the park: Global Stunt Rider. It's your basic Vekoma Inverted Boomerang (which exists in only 5 amusement parks in the world). One neat idea I put in was moving gears at the top of the vertical towers. I wanted to use the 8 Cars trainer to incorporate the inverted coaster track to make it look more authentic, but that is beyond my abilities. The theming is designed to suggest visual warnings and safety, like yellow and black warning signs put up when a stunt is about to be performed, etc.

As always, these and all my other screenshots, as well other information about all my parks (all 2 of them) can be found at ThirstyDeer Online! - my own lil' RCT2 website.

Before I sign off for the few weeks I am gone, I have two questions I need help with:
  1. Are there any good tutorials out there on how to use the merge track feature on 8 Cars?
  2. Does anyone know how to get rid of that white ghost railing shown in the first screenshot by the entrance to the Action 3Deatre?
  3. Can perhaps anyone think of a better name then Global Stunt Rider?

Okay, it's definitely getting there and overall it's a pretty good park! But you're starting to use the tent pieces too much between the picnic area, and Global Stunt Rider. The tents just scream noob to be, sorry!

But overall it's very good.


Not so much an update as it is a question...

Even though I'm on holidays right now, I still get a bit of time to put towards working on my park.

I'm trying to make this park a more realistic one, so that means trying to improve the supports that go with the coasters I design. As I've placed my inverted boomerang coaster in the park, I find myself having a difficult time replacing the game's default track supports with some more realistic custom ones. As you can see in the below screenshot, I've started putting the custom supports (look at the vertical loop) in, but when I try to add the custom supports between the vertical loop and the cobra roll, I can't seem to get rid of the default supports. If the coaster track wasn't inverted, it'd probably be a lot easier, but since I need to have the supports go above the track, that seems to be what makes it tough.

That being said, I did make some changes to the ride, namely changing the queue line (replaced the tented area), adding a station building, and tweaking a few custom objects on the ride.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me, please?

To remove the supports, don't you just lower the land, put in a big flowerpot, and then raise the land again? That is how I have always done it! And as for the ones in the water, take the water out, and then lower the land, put the flowerpot in, and then raise the land, then add the water back. I don't see why it wouldn't work!


It's been a really long time, but I finally do have some screenshots to post. Even though they are incomplete, they at least give you an idea of how things are unfolding in the park.

On a different note, if you have been going to my website for the past number of weeks you'll see it wasn't there. This was due to the website hosting service moving the files over to a new server and somehow a bunch of files which didn't belong to me suddenly appeared in my folder, thus messing up the website. The problem has been fixed.

On to the screenshots...



This is an updated screenshot of Stunt Rider. The update comes in the form of custom supports used for the ride. This is the first time I've tried doing custom supports for a coaster.



An incomplete screenshot of X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter, a pair of dueling suspended mini-coasters. As with Dueling Dragons at Universal Studios, there are three times that the coasters pass each other by a narrow margin. Theming is not finished.



An incomplete screenshot of Death Star Assault, a flying coaster that at its peak, simulates the trench run in the original Star Wars movie. Still working on the trench run portion, as well as theming, but at least you can see the track.



Another incomplete screenshot of the Boardwalk Carnival section. This area is a throwback to the traditional traveling carnivals that go from town to town. Even though it isn't themed yet, it will not have much theming when it is done. This will be a "simple" section of the park.



An overview to see how the park has been expanding. Not a lot of detail yet, but you can see the path layout so far.

As always, these and all my other screenshots, as well other information about my parks can be found by visiting ThirstyDeer Online! - my own lil' personal RCT2 site. You can also click on my signature below.


Not much, but here's a bit of an update.

I'm redoing the boardwalk section of the park, but at the same time got the idea to put in a live show in an area that had good space to fit it.




A live show of sea lions, dolphins, seals, and other marine life. Not just a space filler, there is a circus embedded in the seating so this acts as an actual ride.

Again, not much of an update, but I am actively working on things. I've also done a lot of updating and some tweaking of my website.

Go to ThirstyDeer Online! for all my screenshots, and other information on this and my other park.
Interesting.. I dislike the Xwing thing, but everything else looks pretty good. Your show is a little small, but not every park has the money to build super extravagent things!


Not an update, but a question...

By far my biggest weakness when it comes to park creation is architecture. Whether it's design ride station buildings, restaurants, or "fillers" throughout the park. I made sure I chose a wide variety of custom objects that could be twisted and turned into different things (such as NE's ProTour objects) but I just can't seem to do it.

I was hoping there are any suggestions out there so I can work on this. I've tried the basic suggestion of doing a basic building, then changing one thing at a time, making it less boxy and more "shapey". I've looked at many custom parks made by others as inspiration but in the end, I can't seem to translate this into success.

Any help is appreciated... I'm very serious about making a good park.
Well what other advice can be given, really? Just practise making basic shapes at first, like, just even do some boxey buildings to get the hang of it. Then, as you get better at that, move on to more complicated shapes. Even a boxey building can look okay as long as you add maybe some windows/decals/awnings, or even vary up the wall type.


It's been a while but as I've had to do in the past I put RCT off to the side as other parts of life got in the way - namely switching jobs and moving cross-country.

I wish I had a huge update that justifies the vastness of time that has elapsed since my last update but I'm afraid that since getting back into RCT I've had a nasty bout of "creator's block". That is, I've been unable to do solid architecture.

That being said I wanted to show a screenshot of some custom supports I've been working on a flying rollercoaster to see how you think it looks. It's the first time I've attempted semi-realistic supports on a large coaster.

This is for my Death Star Assault coaster in the Star Wars section of my park.



I'm not showing the whole coaster intentionally as I'm still working on some of the architecture - namely the station, but other then that the ride is done.

This and other screens can be viewed in previous threads or by visiting my site (banner is below).

Opinions are appreciated.


It took a while, but I finally managed to put together some architecture to complete my Death Star Assault coaster. Most of it has been done for months but I've had the most difficult time putting together some sort of station building and supporting architecture.

After many different attempts, I settled on the following structure to be my "inspiration" for the station. To see the image I used as my main reference, CLICK HERE. I decided to build a station similar to the Massassi Temple that was the Rebel base that launched the attack on the Death Star. The temple is located on the moon of Yavin IV, and is named after an older civilization called the Massassi who worshipped an old Sith Lord called Naga Sadow who enslaved the people.



The Death Star Assault is a flying coaster and it was one of the first ideas I envisioned when I originally thought of the park. Many have suggested an inverted coaster but I have other plans for one so that's why I didn't make this coaster inverted. Essentially you leave from the temple and make your way through a semi-forested area until you hit the trench run in the Death Star. At the conclusion of the trench run the ride pretty much ends as you enter the transfer station. Another popular comment is that the supports are too close together. I am leaving that for now, but may come back to it later and adjust them. Just a note that the open space beside the lift hill will be filled eventually.


Just a quick announcement that the park has been lost due to an unforeseen computer problem. Unfortunately, the backup file isn't working either. I am going to start over again so you'll be hearing from me down the road again. It is a mixed blessing as parts of me wanted to start over again anyway - guess I got the push I needed.


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I have a question for anyone who can answer...

I'm restarting this park and I have some updates to share, including some screenshots. I can't post the update though because I get the message "you are not authorized to post url links". I guess I'm getting this message because the screenshots are saved on a different website. How can I post screenshots with this restriction? Can I get this restriction lifted? I do have a pretty lengthy update to give...