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Fox Studios World, my second RCT2 park



Welcome to Fox Studios World

Well it's been on my shelf for a long time now, and it's finally time to get started on it (again).

As far as I know, there has been no RCT movie themed park using the (20th Century) Fox brand, so I consider it the first time it is being done. I have great plans for this park, and can't wait to get deep into its design. This will be my second ever custom park attempt.

Here are a few details on what I have planned:

Themed Areas:
Star Wars Galaxy - A section of park themed to the original Star Wars trilogy (I am not a fan of the newer trilogy). My planned signature ride will be a flying rollercoaster going through the Death Star trenches much like the climactic moments in Episode 4: A New Hope (the original Star Wars movie).
Thrill Sector - This area of the park will house the bulk of the thrill rides, including my most fondest idea, Behind Enemy Lines, a propelled inverted coaster that is launched off an aircraft carrier runnings its course over the lake and edging the mountainous terrain.
Old Tyme Exposition - A non-movie themed area mainly dedicated to traditional carnival and fairground rides.
Ice Age: Chill Zone- My kid's section of park themed to the popular Ice Age computer animated movie and its sequel.
Robot City - A second kid's section themed to my favourite computer animated movie, Robots.

So far, I've only got one screen shot to show you It's of the front of the park hotel, which will be used as one of the park entry points for peeps. As you can see, it's very early in the design process, and I'm still fooling around with the roadway, turnaround, and the parking lot. Even though it's still very much an "early draft", I thought I'd let everyone know what I'm working on, and see it from images of it from the very beginning.

Click on my banner link to check out my screen shots.

While there, please take a moment to do the quick web poll on the website, which helps me focus on which RCT sites I should focus on.

Feedback is welcome.

The Claw

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For the convenience of others, please redirect the image to the forum. It will be easier for others to comment on your work that way.

Anyway, there's not much to say about that one picture so far. It's mainly road and car park with an oddly shaped building. I can tell you you're using a Wacky Worlds or Time Twister path there? Just for future reference, steer clear of WW and TT stuff. A lot of people think it sucks (which is does) and because of that a lot of people won't be able to DL your park if you choose for it to be available for download. There are a lot of good custom scenery out there that are about 100,000,000,000 times better than the WW and TT stuff so keep that in mind. Feel lucky that I'm telling you this now before you save the workbench and get stuck with stuff you may not need.


@ParadiseCoaster: Yes, my original attempt was advertised on RCT Town, as well as other forums. That was a long time ago though. This attempt is also being posted on numerous sites to reach the widest audience possible.

@The Claw: There is no WW or TT scenery in this park. I already made that mistake when I designed my first park. By accidentally including a piece of TT scenery in it, minimalizing those who would actually download it. TO ensure that doesn't happen again, I deleted WW and TT from my computer prior to starting object selection in sandbox mode. There is quite a bit of custom scenery that will be used in this park. Sorry about the banner mess-up, I didn't realize I incorrectly put it in like that. I've fixed it.

The Claw

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Um... well my point about redirecting the pictures to the site was so that people didn't have to go to your site and find the pictures themselves.

Anyway the path used in the entrance building is NOT from WW or TT? Where is it from then?
I always remember you as being a pretty good RCT2 player from when you posted stuff on here before, and this seems like it'll be pretty good too. Not much to comment on, but I do agree with Claw about the paths; not keen on the way they look. However, I'm sure you'll end up doing a good job with it like you have with your other parks, so I'll be keeping an eye on this.

So yep, good job so far, keep it goin.


The Claw said:
Um... well my point about redirecting the pictures to the site was so that people didn't have to go to your site and find the pictures themselves.

Anyway the path used in the entrance building is NOT from WW or TT? Where is it from then?

Ah, sorry for the misinterpretation. I do it the way I do because I post on several forums (around 17 or so) and it's a whole lot easier for me to post this way.

Regarding the paths. Not sure I got them from, most likely a custom path that was used in a park I downloaded - but I am sure it is not from the WW or TT expansion packs. I'm not sold on the path selection either. A lot of people have said similar things.


Time for an update.

I've done some re-working of the hotel and surrounding area. I definitely think it is an improvement. In one screenshot is an overall image of the area. You can see the partially completed hotel. It uses a two-tone brown pattern with green segments (I may get rid of the green). To the upper-right of the image is the designated wheelchair parking spots. There is a large turnaround in the middle, with a walkway that gives peeps access from the edge of the screen into the park through the hotel main entrance. On the other side of the hotel is the main parking lot, which has been completely re-worked. I wanted to put some cars in various spots but it just didn't work well with the zero clearance feature.

The second screenshot is a closeup of the hotel. You can see more details such as the garden path, and the mini-waterfall.

Although the hotel is not complete, I think the area (roads, parking lot, turnaround, hotel) is much improved. I hope to have the area done in the next week.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY SCREENSHOTS, or click on my signature banner below to visit my website.

Couple of notes:
1. I know it is a slight inconvenience to go to my site in order to see the screenshots, but I post on numerous sites, so it is a lot easier for me to do it this way.
2. If you haven't done my quick little web poll on my site, please do so as it helps me figure out which RCT sites to focus on.

Feedback is appreciated.
I love the architecture of the hotel! I think it's awesome, because I have always had a liking for sort of abstract building designs. So yep, props for that, but I don't like the water and the waterfalls or whatever, so I suggest maybe taking those out and doing a proper pool area or something.

Keep it up man, I like it!

The Claw

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Hm well if you link us to your photos that way that's not a problem.

Anyway to the Hotel, yeah that's great mate. I just don't like the random green wall pieces, looks a bit odd. I can understand why you did that though, the walls look a bit bare in some spots. Instead of just changing the colour of them, layer the walls with something interesting. If you have an interesting scenery workbench you should find something good. Just don't be afraid to experiment.

Another thing that could be done is add eaves to the roofs instead of them just ending them where it meets the wall. Roofs usually have an overhang so try that. With the main part of the roofs, it's a good idea to slightly change the shape of them like adding a Dutch Gable shape to them (click here to see what I mean).

Now, the water that surrounds the Hotel is at equal height to the land surrounding it. This is not good. Now I'm assuming that because the body of water is artificially made as it was built into the Hotel what you can do is line the outside of the water with those little Art Deco blocks if you have them. This will look like it's a canal with a small wall keeping the water from over-flowing onto the ground.

Finally, change the ground colour inside the building to the checkered colour and if you have it, use the Invisible Path inside the building.


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I don't play RCT2 at all, but I have to say that the architecture of that hotel really is impressive. Like ParadiseCoaster, I can't say I'm a fan of the green, however I think that the water looks great.

I really like the different floors and how each one seems to be unique. The entrance lobby also seems quite good.

keep it up, you're certainly impressing me!


@ The Claw & ParadiseCoaster: Haven't made the water change yet (still pondering that one), but I couldn't agree more about the green architecture. I got rid of that.

@ Hixee: Thanks!

Got some progress to report:

I have added 3 new screenshots showing the progress I've made in the past few weeks.

First Screenshot (09251)
An overview of the entire resort area. The parking lot, resort itself are done. I've added a swimming pool (complete with deep end, diving board, and umbrella covers), set of 3 tennis courts, and a climbing wall (still tweaking that to make it look better).

Second Screenshot (09252)
A close-up of the park entrance. I tried to create a giant park sign that is reminiscent of the movie logo. I'm still working on it, as I find the sign too simple. It's far from finished.

Third Screenshot (09253)

Also far from finished, I'm putting in a kiss n' ride section for peeps to be dropped off. This will also be one of the entry points for peeps to come onto the grid.

CLICK HERE TO VIEW THE SCREENSHOTS, or click on my banner signature below.

Feedback is appreciated.


It's been a long hiatus, but I have finally returned to resume where I left off. I'm almost done the parking lot, but I'm at an impasse over something. Need your opinions on something.


In this screenshot, the green area has some standard foliage on it... makes it look nicer then just plain land.


In this screenshot, instead of foliage there are billboard signs of different movie titles. This is significant because one of the themed areas of the park will have these exact billboards at the entrance to each ride corresponding to the movie names.

Which way should I go? This will be the strip of land against the main roadway where the entrance to the parking lot is.


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The archi on the building in the screenshot is very impressive, you've made it so it's not blocky etc and it really works, so credit for that... But the random bits of green walls and the waterfalls from the roofs are ugly, very, very ugly. I am aware that changing this may be inconvinient but trust me, you will benefit from changing the green and leaving it all one colour - or alternatively do you have one of those 1/4 walls in your workbench, often under art deco with a little pattern? I'm sure that'd work.

Last screenshot is fugly... Sorry to sound blunt. The black supports are rank. :twisted:

Good luck, keep it up and keep us updated.


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Looks fantastic! I'm far too rubbish with RCT to come up with something like that


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Corporation Takeover the World uh... World.

Apart from choosing a company that are part of one of the worst corporate asshole machines in the world it's actually looking pretty decent. Though a lot of it looks naked at the same time :p.

My advice is to use foliage like the little shubs and bushes to cover up nasty supports in a way that actually makes the contrast between natural and man made beautiful. The architecture you are using works nicely. But I think there was one screen with the entrance where a strange shaped building was that I'm not sure of at all. Maybe thicken it up a little. And again, nature is your friend! Have some nicely placed trees to cover up the empty land and free space that's making this park look bare and dull. And one more thing would be to use a few neutral colours in there too. The bright ones are great but, you don't want to use too much.

I hope this helps you, happy building!