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Found Great RCT2 Cheat/Glitch

Okay, I found this by accident, but that is not important. This is a tricky cheat but can get you a LOT of cash in RCT2 relatively fast. Here are the directions: 1. Build a box of scenery, using flat blocks, the same size as a 3D theater (No, it's not the one where you build a ride inside and then delete it.) 2. Build a mouse coaster on TOP of this box- just make a square that fits on the top with entrance inside the square and exit off the side. 4. Test and save this ride WITH THE SCENERY BELOW IT. 5. Find a large flat area and select the ride. 6.Move it around all over the flat area, but DO NOT actually build the ride. 7. The "scenery" left behind can be deleted with the Clear Scenery icon. Depending on the size of the flat space and patience- this can be incredibly lucrative. My Magic Mountain now has 15+ new custom built rides and $200,000 left over.

Once in a while this leads to the "error trapper" message and your game may shut down, so I suggest saving frequently while doing this.


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Easier way: Build stacks of standard slabs, 20 pieces tall, in a 5x5 grid (so that you get a 5x5x20 box of slabs). Build a tiny, tiny ride on top of it (as small as you can build one, for instance a looping coaster in shuttle mode, launced at minimum speed up a single hill), and save the ride with nearby scenery (that is, the box).

Then, place an Enterprise on the ground inside the box of slabs. This should erase all the slabs, netting you a profit of some 27,000. Then, sell the little ride you built on top. Sell the Enterprise too, if you wish.

Now you can go back into the ride list, and build the little ride and the box again. Repeat process as many times as you need.
^That's actually what I was doing when I did the cheat I told you about. Mine is a lot better than the "ride inside a box" strategy, because while yours gives 27,000, mine does not need to be remade, and nets 100,000 out of about a 25x25 square.
Remember, the more flat land there is, the more money you can get.
(i.e., the empty area behind Turbine in SF Belgium in the game equals about $230,000 if the whole space is covered.)