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Forces on flyers


Giga Poster
How exactly are forces measured on flying coasters? Due to the position you sit in, vertical forces have got to be measured differently, right? On NoLimits, the G-Forces on the Flying Dutchman are measured as acceleration, but looking on RCDB, it says Airs G's for example are 3.5. So is this counted as accelerating G-Forces or vertical?


Mega Poster
I'm not sure that I fully understand the question but what I will say is that no gravity powered ride can have an acceleration (in the direction of the track) greater than 1g. Only a launch coaster can accelerate over 1g. Don't forget that the acceleration due to gravity is 1g so even track pointing straight down will, at best, accelerate the train at this rate.

The 3.5g you mention on Air, if that is correct (seems a little high?), will be a "vertical acceleration". This is the force down into the seat on a sitdown coaster. On a flyer it will be the force down into the chest restraints or into the seat-back padding if the riders are on their backs. It can not be a forward/back acceleration and it won't be your lateral either.

Hope that answers your question.