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First time Posting - SF Darien Lake


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Well, I went to Six Flags Darien Lake this last week on Friday (7/12/19) and had a pretty good experience up until the end. If you had been in the last few years, you may recall the park becoming more and more like an abandoned park that just happened to have people. The rides were in poor shape, landscapes were not taken care of, rust was on everything including the tracks making coasters jerk and become sort of painful at times. Needless to say it wasn't in a good place. But, with the return of Six Flags this year I was hoping for the best. For the most part I wasn't disappointed. The Viper had the track polished up and rust removed (smoothest I ever remember that coaster being in years now), Ride of Steel's track was seemingly polished up quite a bit (though could still use some more TLC on the sunbleached supports and such ( from the cue line it appeared they may be starting this process as about three or four supports approaching the station on the last hill were completely fresh paint.) I can't comment on Predator though, as that was closed for the day and had the cars covered in the station. No visible work was being done anywhere on the ride, so not sure why it was closed. Mind Eraser has had some paint it looks like possibly. It did break down stranding riders at the final brake run for about 45 minutes. Alot of the roofs had been replaced on buildings (thank goodness because last year there was tons of mold growing on them even on the food shelters!) and landscaping was done. The pathways were also nicely done and clean again. They powerwashed some stuff finally too! For the last ride though, Tantrum, we had to be evacuated off the EuroFighter coaster on the vertical lift hill... what an experience that was after being stuck at a 97 degree angle for nearly two hours!
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Great report @Ibuddy66! Glad to hear Darien Lake is doing reasonably well under Six Flags, although your evacuation experience on Tantrum doesn't sound too nice!