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First day of the week.

What day is the start of the week?

  • Sunday

    Votes: 4 22.2%
  • Monday

    Votes: 14 77.8%

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Chris Coasters

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Calendar wise its Sunday but it never feels like it. Fantasy Baseball wise Sunday is the last day of the week. So I usually feel like Monday is the first day of the week.


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It is Monday for me, but only as the modern working week has altered and skewed the traditional set-up and understanding of the construction of a week.


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It's Monday in any culture where the standard social "working week" is Mon-Fri.

It's a cultural variation, not a matter of picking and choosing.


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For work, Sunday - Saturday.

But for me it's Monday - Sunday, mainly because F1's on on Sunday and that's the end of the week.