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Favourite major coaster at Thorpe Park?

Favourite Major Coaster at Thorpe Park?

  • Saw

    Votes: 13 27.7%
  • Stealth

    Votes: 13 27.7%
  • Colossus

    Votes: 6 12.8%
  • Nemesis Inferno

    Votes: 15 31.9%

  • Total voters


Strata Poster
I know we've probably had this discussion a million times over, but I would really like to see in poll results form what people actually think of Thorpe's rides. Not only that, it'd be nice to see what a lot of the noobies to caster enthusiasm think who haven't been brainwashed yet. :lol:

Only vote if you've been on them all.

Feel free to join in the discussion if you've not been on them all or even any of them.

My opinion is that... Whilst I kind of like Saw, it's effort to ride and often hurts. Colossus 9/10 hurts and doesn't have any redeeming features. Inferno is a bit simple, but re-ridable and doesn't hurt. Stealth is fun, but it's more like a flat ride and it's queue is always burdenous.

This is why I'm so looking forward to Swarm. Another ride in the park that DOESNT HURT is really, really needed.

I actually think Saw might be the best ride there from a critical perspective, but I like Inferno best. Yeah it doesn't do a lot, yeah it's a bit sickly because it turns the same direction so often it's like spinning, yeah it's forces are confused and all over the place, yeah it's a bit eughggg, but at least it's comfortable.

It'll be fun to do this poll again next year...


Staff member
Where's X:\NWO? That's also a major coaster, surely? :p

Out of the four up there, I'll take the bench chatting to friends option top, then I will go on Inferno if I really feel the need to go on a ride, Stealth if there's no queue, Colossus if I really have to and Saw doesn't even register on my list of things to want to do ever really.

To be honest, I just don't really care for any of the coasters there in the slightest - I'm a bad enthusiast :p

Martyn B

CF Legend
I'd probably go for Saw if it didn't try to kill me. I love the indoor section, but outside, its just painpainpain.

Its a toss up between Stealth and Inferno, both awsome coasters, but Stealth is a little too short, so Inferno for me!


Hyper Poster
Saw for me, although I do really like Stealth (but too short) and Colossus (despite the roughness). Nemesis is just a little too twisty-turny for me - no time to take in what's actually happening.


Giga Poster
Nemesis: Inferno without a doubt. The others try to hard and are riddled with flaws, whilst Inferno is purely simple B&M goodness, it's not as good as it's older counterpart, but there's nothing exactly wrong with Inferno either.

Colossus is far too ambitious of a ride, it has a lovely first half and a ruined second half to score a world record, plus it's fairly rough. Yet the theming is nice, and the pacing is great.

Stealth, is a good short ride with a nice pop of air-time, although it feels like there could be a lot more done. The theming is non-existant, the queue is atrocious, and it generally looks bland.

Saw: The Ride was a weird one. It's like they tried to make a Euro-Fighter into a world-class ride? Whilst they made a pretty good effort with the theming, the coaster itself just isn't consistant enough. The indoor section is absolutely fantastic, when the effects work, the 100 degree drop is also great, then the rest of the coaster is rather weak.

The Swarm is looking good though, a nice concept that hopefully rides as good as it looks. We might have a winner next year!


Mega Poster
Mine is Stealth.

Looking at it and all its statistics, I really shouldent like it. I mean, its way too short, it has horrendous queues, it has over the shoulder restraints and the company who made it has a history that tells me that the ride will only get bumpier and rougher with age.

But that launch..


Social Media Team
Social Media Team
Yeah, defo Inferno, although Stealth has gone up and up in my estimations, Inferno's the only ride there I really actively like. It's fab.

Saw and Colossus can go die in a hole together.


Giga Poster
To me, I think it's going to be Swarm...

The others all have problems...
-Stealth is too short
-Colosus is too repetetive
-Saw is painful, short and dull
-Nemesis Inferno could do with being a bit bigger

To me, Swarm has everything!


Giga Poster

I love it, I think the theming is great and the whole ride experience is miles better than anything else on offer there.... this new one their building looks pretty naughty though.


Mega Poster
I was stuck between Saw and Stealth. I love Saw because of the theming and the thrill. I love Stealth because of the pure adrenaline... I vote Saw


Hyper Poster
I voted Saw
Its the only Eurofighter I've been on but i loved every moment of pain, and fear the ride brought at me...Stealth was good but its too much of a one trick pony, Colossus has just too much going on for its own good, I would probably vote Nemesis Inferno second, I love the B&M inverts.


Hyper Poster
Mine is Stealth.

Inferno is good but it's not quite up there with the Batman clones. I enjoyed Colossus on my first visit but found it very rough a couple of years later. The only part I like about it is the inlines. Saw is just a rough piece of ****, I like the indoor section but it's let down with a MCBR.

Swarm looks awesome though and I hope I get to ride it next year :--D .


Strata Poster
I voted Saw even though I love all the coasters there. Saw just edged it for me because of the indoor bit and the drop.


From CoasterForce
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Social Media Team
I could quite happily sit front row on Inferno and Stealth all day long without getting bored.

Saw is just...Saw. Having said that I found a new appreciation for it during the ERT session. Consecutive rides helped a lot as I had time to look at the theming. Themeing is important but it doesn't thrill me, neither does the layout of Saw.

I LOVE the heartline roll things at the end of Colossus but the rest of it grates my bellend.

So it's a toss up between Stealth and Inferno.

Gotta be Stealth. There's no lift hill faff.


Giga Poster
Well clearly I have to vote Colossus here, I love the whole experience of the ride from entering the queue to leaving the shop. (I know most of you guys don`t :p) yes its rough, yes the four heartline rolls are nauseating and yes it whored the record, but the whole experience but its still my number 1.

Secondly is SAW, because of the inside section and the drop after the brake run above the queueline is awesome.

Stealth is third, a great ride experience, but its too short and the queue is normally horrendous.

Nemesis Inferno is 4th, now this is not to say I don`t like this ride because I do, its just my least favorite of the 4. Reason for that is probably because I only really enjoy myself on this ride from the back row.

Iam surprised Thorpe haven`t attempted the whole which is best online pool that AT did earlier this year? Perhaps we will see that when the have 5 to choose from next year?


Roller Poster
Saw has to be my favourite mainly because I love the first drop on the inside with the added theming, especially when you are in the second car and can hear the first car go down it :) I really like how they have made a better effort to the theming, on a ride like this I think it really pays off - I love the 'game over' before you go up the huge lift hill! Finally, I think the smoothness really adds to my enjoyment of the whole ride experience, and also when you get to see that you have been filmed at the end haha. Colossus would have to come a close second due to the novelty of the 10 inversions. :)


Mega Poster
Colossus is my favourite ride ever, so obviously voting that. But I love all of these coasters, and I think if Nemesis was a little longer that might push it up to my favourite ride. Colossus is rough, but I think it's the heartline rolls that do it for me... Stealth and Saw are both brilliant rides, but Stealth is too short, and Saw irritates me just because it's based on the films, which never seem to end!


CF Legend
Stealth forever! Especially at the back, especially at night. The launch always gets my gut every time, the airtime on the top hat is fab, the descent is speedy and the break run leaves you gasping for air and feeling exhilarated. I absolutely ADORE it, I'd quite happily go to Thorpe and just ride Stealth <3

Inferno is fun, if a bit 'meh' at times. Saw is OK, I love the airtime hill but I find it an effort to ride because I have to brace myself to avoid pain. Collosus can be fun, but also can be dire so it's just chance really with that one.

I want to ride Stealth now =[


Giga Poster
Whats Stealth like front seat (probably amazing)? Inferno front seat is brilliant and it adds so much to the ride experience, however, collossus front seat? Meh.