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Fårup Sommerland | Fønix | Vekoma | 2022


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Stop complaining! It's not like Poland is "stealing" them from other parks, if you pay Vekoma they will make you a coaster. All other parks are just being cheap. If Energylandia can afford it why not? It's good that Energylandia is able to show the way in Vekomas! Without EL, we would all still see Vekoma for Boomerangs and SLCs. I have already low key homepark declared Energylandia, even if I live 1000km away. Just realised that I have been to Energylandia more than any other park during the last 3 years. You should too.

It's also the park that has changed the most between each visit, sometimes unrecognisably much.
Why does everyone take everything literally...

What i mean is the Poland are getting all the Vekomas, it would be nice to see them spread about across Europe. Quite obviously they aren't actually stealing them.


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These images are taken on 24 Januari 2021 at Vekoma Vlodrop :



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If it turns out to be a tilt coaster, maybe the LIMs are to hold the train in place during the tilt?
Nah, wouldn't be practical. Also there are too may of them to just be a tilt track.

On another note, are we sure Tusenfryd's inverted launch coaster is gonna be a Gerstlauer? Because this looks like it could be STC track.


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At a guess I'd say this is going to Walibi Holland. The park is gaining momentum so it's not unfeasible they'd go for a new coaster three years after the previous one again. Lost Gravity was a bold but quality prototype, Untamed was jumping on a fairly new trend and again a quality investment so if there was a park to jump on a next level Vekoma it'd be Walibi Holland. The timing and the ride type make sense.

Most likely this will be the Energylandia tilt though and Walibi will push back their next investment due to Covid.


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I took some images at Vekoma Vlodrop (Netherlands in Europe) and i noticed some strange things on the track connectors to the supports. (See black square markings)
They are ROUND instead of the normal square. Can anybody tell me more about this or seen other trackparts with the same ??



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I mean it's all a bit weird. LIMs and now slightly different track connectors? While I doubt that's a particularly important piece of information, this is certainly an interesting mystery. Although I don't see why this can't just be part of the other thread that we were talking about this with. We're really keeping @Hixee busy today with moving and merging threads.

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Some interesting red track at Vekoma. Note the notes that are attached to the track. I have no clue for which park this is, so I post it in this thread. My lens was barely long enough to capture this. It was stored all the way at the back.


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