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Expedition GeForce is my favourite Roller Coaster of all time..

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I mean it has it all. A crazy first drop into the best air time ejaction hills on any roller coaster i have ridden through the whole ride with turning and flipping elements between it. Just WOW! Best thing, i live 30 mins away from that theme park lol.

What is your opnion on it ? Do you think it is overrated or is it well deserved to be called the "best roller coaster of all time" ?


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My opinion is we don't need this thread. There are other threads to discuss everyones favorite coaster.

There is no "best rollercoaster of all time" because everyone likes different things in a coaster. In my top 10 I placed Taron, Kärnan and Untamed above Expedition GeForce and I mostly did coasters in the parks around it - not a lot in the UK and none in the US or Asia. Additionally I don't like the expression "of all time" at all because you'll never know what the future will hold.


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Expedition GeForce is great, but I don't think it really need it's own thread.
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