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Excalibur (Finished-Fixed Download now!)


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Hot on the heels of Kusanago comes Excalibur, an Intamin Mega-Lite featuring a jr. immellman and a junior dive loop.

Layout it done, terrain is kind of done, supporting is to begin soon. Also, there will be a texture for it.

Colours look bright for now, but when the supports are built and trees are added, it will look better and it will be toned down.


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Don't worry about it; the drop is about 125 foot, tri-rail will be used for the finished product, bi-rail is just there while i construct the ride.


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Lift, drop and end section supports now done, track converted to tri-rail and two tunnels have been constructed using catwalks and are filled with mist and the catwalks have been replaced with wooden ones.

The other tunnel you can see is for tunnel-testing.



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This is still on, and nearly finished, no screenshots just now but all that remains is the jr. immellman and the texture.

Magnetic brakes are used, and I have now removed the wooden catwalks and gone back to built in ones.


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Finished, near as 2 months after starting.
Please download and feedback!
Excalibur is an Intamin Mega-Lite with three overbanks (including jr. immellman and jr dive loop) and numerous air hills, almost all below tree gight.

Please use included environment.
EDIT:Link broke, use link below.

If I did 3D objects I would probably have made a hand sticking out of the lake catching a sword...



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Great ride nice layout with great pacing. Liked the effect of the tunnels and it was mostly smooth but there were a couple of bumps and jerks and here and there, plus it could have been a bit longer. Overall good ride though 8/10.


Re: Looks cool!

Wow, very interesting looking ride. Can't wait to give it a spin.


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The good:
-Smoke effects are simple yet really work
-Environment is nicely done

The bad:
-Could of done much more
-Too many of the same twists in a row

Overall: 7/10