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Europe's longest urban slide closed after 24 hours


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I know these are no news concerning any theme/amusement park attraction but the story is too funny to pass. The story made national news and I found it hilarious!

An Andalusian town called Estepona (Málaga, south of Spain) recently opened what they billed as Europe's longest urban slide at 38 meters long at a whopping cost shy of 30,000 euros. In case you didn't know, there are going to be elections for the chairs at the city councils across Spain in about 2 weeks (when the elections for the seats at the European Parliament are going to take place as well). The current mayor, hoping to be elected again, decided as one of his last decisions as mayor of Estepona to open this slide connecting two areas of the town, which is known for having extreme slopes and steep streets.

On opening day, media and neighbours gathered around the contraption to watch people go down for the first time and the results were both terrible but also terribly funny. Many people were reported to suffer injuries after the first hours of operation. In fact, during one of the inaugural goes, one of the town councillors was said to have her undies ripped upon landing on the bed of gravel at the end of the slide.

Less than 24 hours after being open, the infamous slide was closed and blocked off until further inspections. Hopefully, they will iron the kinks out and reopen it when it's safe for everyone to enjoy moving around the city in this exciting "means of transportation".

As you can tell, the slide was steep. And even with the reinforcements on the corners, it looks deathly.

You can see the slide under construction as well as the councillor's unfortunate landing xD You can even overhear one of the neighbours saying "uuuh, las bragas" (literally, "omg, her undiees") xD

You can see a few more goes.

And the only blurry attempt that I have found of a POV.

So what do you think of this modern marvel of Spanish engineering?

Edit: I have a found a much clearer POV of a news reporter.

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This is amazing and now I also know the source of a gif I saw on reddit the other day where someone literally flew off the end and got some serious airtime.


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The way she just FLEW off the slide LMFAO
Who tested this and thought.. hmm yeah! This looks safe


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I can already picture H&S inspectors bleeding their eyes out.

Luckily this is Spain and nobody gives a **** if you get hurt while you are having fun, but this would be lawsuit-worthy in America.