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Europes best themepark/amusement park.

What do you think is Europes best themepark?

  • Alton Towers

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  • Blackpool Pleasure Beach

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  • Disneyland Paris

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  • Phantasialand

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  • Europa Park

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • Walibi World (Holland)

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  • Port Aventura

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  • Parque Warner Madrid

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Blackpool Pleasurebeach in a poll for Europes best THEMEpark? :shock:

From what I've heard, Disneyland is Europe's best themed.


I could have swore I put /amusement park. Its not a poll for europes best themed parks but what park is best in europe overall. Ill edit the first post but I dont know how I can edit the title.

Sixth Sence

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Euro Park has a nice fresh look too it, And I think That Euro park seems to be the best looking for a resort. And Euro park has quite a good selection of interesting rides.


EuroPA :)P) Park is just rocking. Just amazing. Not really for thrill seekers, except perhaps for Silver Star - but just an amazing park.


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I can't really pick. Judging from pictures and whatnot, I would have to say Alton is the best, tied with port Aventura.

Alton just has everything. It has the scenery, the (beautiful) gardens, a lot of good looking roller coasters, and pretty good themeing. It's definately the park I would want to go to the most when I come to the UK in a few years.

Port Aventura has a few Dragon Kahn, which is probably the world's best sit down roller coaster (well it looks like it would be), and it has one of the world's best drop towers, that I'm absoloutely dying to get on.

So yah, those two are the two best in Europe in my opinion.


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I won't vote because I haven't been to any of them apart from Alton Towers. But Alton Towers probably has the best collection of roller coasters in Europe.


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I've only not been to two of them. And it SO goes...

Alton Towers, Disneyland Paris, Phantasialand, Walibi World (Holland), Port Aventura are all pretty much on a par, I LOVE them all.

Blackpool down here.