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Europa Park Questions


I'm thinking of doing a quick trip to Germany in the middle of June to do Europa Park and Holiday Park but I'm still not fully convinced yet whether to do it or not. I've just a few quick questions about Europa Park;

Do many rides have Single Rider Queues? I know Bluefire has one but what about any of the other coasters?

Does Europa Park have any sort of Express/ Fast-track system?

If I do go I'd probably only have 1 full day at the park from say openeing til say 6-8, would this be enough time to get all the credits in and possibly 2 or 3 re-rides on Silver Star and Bluefire?

I'm not really interested in much else other than the coasters since they seem to have no stand-out flats. And any other general advise would be great!


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Tony. As far as I know (2009, my last visit), Europa Park doesn't have any fastrack system, nor that you are going to need it. Europa has, by far, the best operations I have seen at a theme park. When we went, the park seemed to be at capacity (somewhere around 40,000 guests) and yet we didn't have to queue for more than 45 minutes for blueFire (which was running 5 trains with almost no stacking), SilverStar with 3 trains, 7 trains on Eurosat and god knows how many on Poseidon... The longest we had to wait was for Matterhorn Blitz, about 60 minutes, but the lines kept moving.

On top of that, we could do all the rides and even get some rerides on the most interesting coasters, like blueFire, SilverTrim and Eurosat.

Mind you, Europa Park has a lot more than coasters. I'd suggest hitting Atlantis Abenteur, Pirates in Batavia and the horror dark-ride. Then you also have the quirky rides like the Mack Museum and also the only Mack Revolving House (Kassadra's Curse), that we didn't do.

Hope that helps! Enjoy your visit (I am sure you will!)


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Just like Oriolat wrote Europa Park lacks a fast track system. When I went in April it didn't matter because the queues were only 10 minutes but I've heard from friends visiting the place during summertime that the queues can get hefty.. 1 hour queue for Silver Star and 1.5 hours queue for Blue Fire (in it's opening season) I was told.

I spent two days at the park (with low queues) and I'm glad I did! There's so many attractions and things to do and if you want several re-rides on the good rides two days is a must!

Attractions not to miss out on are Silver Star, Blue Fire, Euro Sat and the fabulous Piraten in Batavia! :)

Regarding single rider queues I think Blue Fire is the only attraction that got one, but I'm not sure..

Hope you have a good time!