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So yesterday I started playing RCT3 again!

Comments and constructive criticism welcome :)


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The quality difference in the default tree models and the CS is noticeable.

Particular the pine tree. I think because the foliage isn't dense, it draws focus to each individual tree. Since the default plants look distinctively different from the CS plants, it takes me out slightly of my immersion in your world.

The screenshot of the track is very tantalising. I am eager to see more since you have the dragon theming piece piece and a bit of destruction (which I like). I want to see "what's going on".


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Cheers for the comments. I see where you're coming from though! I'll have another look and maybe change some things :)

Some more screenshots...



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^ Correct! And thanks ;)

Yup, it's RevolutionaryRides' Junior Boomerang CT.
Does anybody have any suggestions of rides, coasters and themes I should explore next and add to the park?


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You could go a Pseudo-Nordic theme.

You have a Dragon (granted Nordic dragons were more wyrm-like) and an 'historical' looking architecture. It doesn't look 100% accurate nordic, but it could be spun to be a 'fantasy' take on it.

It's a good theme because you can explore:

Arctic Terrain
None Arctic Terrain (the Nords did live in places that didn't have snow all the time)
The Nordic Mythology (Hel [frozen version of Hell], Midgard etc...) [Generally I find a theme than taps into mythology gives an endless supply of ideas for themes. And since most mythologies are vague or metaphors, they can be interpreted in quite a lot of ways without being too inaccurate.)
Which means *a lot* of monsters.

That's just me.

You could go with the Medieval England theme.

You could go with generic fantasy theme.

Wingriders are fashionable at the moment. Do a Wingrider. You have a dragon theme piece. Perhaps it can be tied in.

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Now that's a very attractive return to the game ! Your Junior Boomerang interacts wonderfully with the scenery and the paths below. The near misses are delightful. The architecture is sophisticated enough and conveys flawlessly a genuine atmosphere. I agree with scw55 concerning the out-of-place use of in-game foliage, but otherwise your scenery is really brilliant. Also, kudos for using a stand or sort-of :)

My only other (minor) complain is the slight lack of detail of your paths. They seem not to have bins, lightning and benches. Also, what set do you use for your path railings ? I love them !

For a theme you could explore, I suggest a "Legends/Myths" general tone. It would suit your first zone (given you've used a dragon in your first pics) and would still be flexible enough for articulating very different sub-themes.

Examples :
Egyptian/Greek mythology
Chinese warrior legend
Horror legend (werewolf, vampire, etc...)

But scw55's idea is good too !

Anyway, I'm looking forward to more :)

Best regards,


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Thanks for the feedback guys! I like the ideas of the Nordic theme and the vampire/fantasy theme! I actually started work on a Sky Swat near the Junior Boomerang, but decided against it. I thought it would be neat as they look like trebuchets and that works with the theme.

Anyway I'll work some more on it this afternoon and I'll post some photos!


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portemine said:
Horror legend (werewolf, vampire, etc...)
A lot of 'Horror Myths' do derive from folklore.
The Horror Myths can simply be incorporated with other region mythologies.

Mythology is a great source for ideas for themes since it's vast and stretches across the globe through many centuries. And also, you can be flexible with the execution since it is mythology, and not history.
Wikipedia is amazing for an initial taste of any mythology.
I myself will look up how insects relate to the Egyptian mythology, so I can have idea about how I would theme the next area of my own project.


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The queue bridge for the water ride...

The Mexican Harbour overview, with a little sometime in the background!



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You need get more compliments than what your currently getting, your work is fantastic, the theming on the boomerang is stunning!