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England's best flat/thrill ride

What's England's best thrill/flat ride?

  • Detonator

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  • Rush

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  • Maelstrom

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  • Apocalypse

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  • Vortex

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  • Cliffhanger

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  • Hex

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  • The Haunting

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  • Slammer

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  • Samurai

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I have ridden most of the thrill/flat rides in England, and I'm not sure which is my favourite, so I thought I'd make a poll on it. Just vote for your favourite thrill/flat ride out of the options. Now I'm including rides that are not thrill rides, but just flat rides.


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I'd love to say Cliffhanger [with the two shots]

But I bet Apocalypse is better.

Apart from that, Cliffhanger :D

A bit of FL fanboyism there.


I'm sure Apocalypse is the best flat out of that list, but of what I've been on, Detonator and Rush are my favourites.

Both very fun rides.

Slammer is awesome as well and Cliffhanger was pretty good too. I rode it in shot 'n' drop mode, but I hear it's now only space shot?


My favourite flat isn't on your list. It's Bling at BPB.


I'll give my opinions on all of the options.

Detonator: I've been on this only once, but I loved it. The drop was very forceful, but it would have been even better if I got on it with the old countdown :(

Rush: Really boring.

Maelstrom: It's quite good for a swinging ride type... my 2nd favourite swinging ride in UK theme parks, but in general it's just average.

Apocalypse: I absolutely love this ride. It never gets old... ever. It's amazing.

Vortex: I've done much better, basically.

Cliffhanger: I've only been on it on shot mode only, so it wasn't the best. I bet it's cool with shot&drop, though.

Hex: I'd call this a dark ride to be honest, not a flat. I love hex to be quick.

The Haunting: Probably the most fun ride I've ever been on. I love it.

Slammer: Slammer's very cool. I really like it a lot.

Samurai: Definately one of the worse flats I've ever been on. So boring and embarrassing.

So, overall I'd put Apocalypse at the top from the provided list!


I have only been on one ride from that list which was Hex but I will say Apocalypse looks better because stand-up drop towers are awesome.


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I really like Maelstrom. It's a fun ride, and has really great forces. Apocalypse comes a close second, but compared to Hurukan Condor it's not even close.


I have voted for Maelstrom, its quite exciting and seems to be one of the best flat rides within Drayton Manor.


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My favourties flats are Slammer, Samurai, Hex, Detonator and Rush.

My vote goes to Rush though, its just really fun. Just wish it lasted a bit longer.


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Rush.. just soo fun and really the length doesn't bother me.

Although Detonator and Maelstrom come in a close second. I didn't think much of Apocalypse to be honest.


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Maelstrom at DMP, I love the airtime at the top and the great speed sensation. Unfortunately I couldn't ride any of the major flats at Thorpe today as they were all closed.

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I vote Rush for the simple fact that it is the best flat going for us. There is so much airtime and what really impresses me about the ride is that you reach top swing in a matter of a few seconds. Great ride!


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Social Media Team
I'm gonna go through them all, cause I can...

Detonator: Great, but, not as good as Venom.

Rush: Rubbish.

Maelstrom: Good fun and good airtime, but not amazing.

Apocalypse: Brilliant. The best flat we have. Scary and intense.

Vortex: Not as good as other Afterburners, but still fun.

Cliffhanger: Only got in on Shot. Just another S&S Tower. They're all pretty rubbish.

Hex: Amazing, love it .

The Haunting: Funny, but not good.

Slammer: A great and different sensation. Nice and intense as well.

Samurai: Good fun, but not fantastic.

The two best are Apocalypse and Hex, which are good for different reasons. I prefer Hex, but Apocalypse is a better flat. If you get me. Venom is next, but it's not on the list, and after that, Slammer. Oh, and Eagle's Claw is great. And I have a soft spot for Bling.


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Out of the ones I've ridden, Rush is my favourite. It gives a great feeling of openess and if you get it on a long cycle you get tonnes of airtime.

Having said this if Apocalypse is anything like Hurakan Condor, then that would definately be my favourite, especially with standing floorless.