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Energylandia | Abyssus | Vekoma Shockwave+ | 2021


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We will wait for theme for the next... well, maybe year or two? Most of rides are still waiting for their theme.
So EL wlll open Shockwave with I guess the major part of new area, and then add other decorations after some time. I think now it's impossible for them to open just rollercoaster as they did it with few water rides.

Nicky Borrill

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I think these are first photos of Aqualantis construction.
I can confirm these photos are indeed of Aqualantis construction, the area of the site furthest away from the main park. In my 2 days here so far, I’ve seen two massive patches of ground transformed from mud to concrete, and that area photographed above grow. They’re moving so fast!!!

The area pictured above is the bit at the back, near the 2 large cranes. Sorry this is the only image I took so far.

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Saw the blue track behind the water park when I visited yesterday. A lovely bright blue!

Is the mine train scheduled for next year or is that a later investment?


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I think the bit after the first launch is a pointless extra, and thus I prefer the original layout as it has a nice, whippy final inversion but the rest of the layout looks fantastic nonetheless.

Still prefer the look of Zadra though.