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Efteling gets a 'UK Country Manager'


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Efteling UK said:
It’s about time, surely! Claire Hancer has previously worked for Disneyland Paris, and is now in charge of spreading the word about Efteling here in the UK! This is part of Efteling’s initiative to host 5 million visitors by 2020, and they are particularly concentrating on gaining these guests from other countries.

http://eftelinguk.com/2015/02/11/efteli ... y-manager/

So maybe more ads for Efteling in the UK?


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There are few theme parks in mainland Europe who actively advertise in the UK. I've seen Disneyland and PortAvetura but that's it. PortAventura has an active PR company working in the UK, so it makes sense that any big players would want to do the same.

I hope this works out.


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Amazing, I often try to encourage friends with young children to make the pilgrimage to Efteling, but because nobody has even heard of it it often just gets ignored.


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Efteling apparently used to appear in our holiday shops so it's nice to know they're going to try and aim themselves at our market again. I really hope it works out well for the park.