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Edinburgh visit.


I guess that this fits in here, as it isn't a coaster trip.

Edinburgh, 1st May. Josh and Lewis are up for the Scottish credits, Extremis was new for 2009 at Edinburgh Dungeons, so this filled out the day.

We went to Surgeons Hall museum, but photos were not allowed, but suffice to say that we saw plenty of gore and porn :p There was also an exhibition of dentistry throughout the ages. A very interesting visit indeed. :nerd4

We then headed for our only Starbucks of the weekend, and Lewis was struggling to cope with the tropical temperatures of Central Scotland.

Next up was the Museum of Childhood and we got some pics there...

Robertsons Jam mascots

The Sally Cocksure book (sorry about the blurr :oops: )

We lol'd

Beano and Dandy :p

Gypsy toy

Darky Doll - my mum had one of these when she was a kid

More Robertson Jam Mascots

... one even had his own bike!

Nellie the Elephant

I loved the facial expressions

Lewis gave us a puppet show

Then tried to hide tehe

Muffin the Mule

If you look really closely, JJ is driving the train :p

What is the Elephant doing?

More elephants

Indignant Teddy

Kumbak have been trying a new business

This is true :p

... gruesome twosome tehe

From here we headed to the Dungeons and rode Extremis :D

Then it was off to Hard Cock Rafe for a damned fine burger, and one or three cokes, whoring the free refills :p

It was then time to head back to the car, the castle was looking nice in the sun

We also came across a possible new logo...

We got back to the car, paid the unbelievable parking charge, and headed home.

A great day, with great company :rk2


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AeRo said:
... one even had his own bike!

He probably stole it!

I loved Edinburgh when I visited in 2005 and 2007, although I did find the people were quite rude to us English, unlike in Glasgow where they're more friendly. Wouldn't expect that! However, I went with an Yank in 2007 and they were polite to her. Racists bastards.

Anyway, yeah, glad you had a good time etc.


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Darky Doll :shock: , imagine trying to bring that back nowadays.

Nice report Aero, great to see an old copy of the Dandy in the museum. Brings back some memories.

I'm a big fan of Edinburgh too.


Well it's funny how times change, and not necessarily for the better, but yeah, it's great to see these old toys preserved for posterity, and not hidden away like something bad.


This was such a funny trip. I found it most amusing that the most expensive part of the day was the parking :p