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Martyn B

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NEW FROM 29 MARCH 2013 - Lodgetent 6p

This spacious six-person lodge tents with spacious verandas are perfect for a real glamping holiday! The lodge tents are camping field the Romantic camp just a minute walk from the sanitary building. The fully equipped lodge tents are spacious, have power and lighting and a private toilet. In a tent lodge has all the comforts of a holiday, but also the wonderful outdoor feeling of camping.

The lodge tent is fully furnished with wooden scaffolding include cozy sitting and dining area. The kitchen with cold water is fully equipped with a fridge, kettle, coffee machine and four-burner stove. The master bedroom has an adjoining double bedstead. Among the bedstead is ample storage space for your luggage. In the other bedroom has a bunk bed and a large wardrobe. The beds have luxury mattresses. The toilet room has a sink and a mirror. For a shower in a minute walk to the heated toilet block. At the tent is spacious veranda with covered area. On the porch a picnic table and two comfi lounge chairs. Each room has a 16 amp power point and lighting. In the lodge tent is anchored hotel safe.
The floor of the tent is 5 x 9 m The porch is 6 x 3 m, 2 m covered.










I think they look pretty cool! :D


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I don't understand. They already have mobile home chalet things. They already have semi-permanent Eurocamp (or whoever it is that runs it there) tents. This is some odd combination of the two. WHY?!

Also, over Christmas I was looking through the latest brochure that they'd sent through, and don't remember seeing these? Mind you, I wasn't paying a great deal of attention to the accommodation pages.


The park's sleeping facility's are rather populair, probably they just need more beds because their current ones are always full. Besides, these look like they are also comfortable in the winter, when the park's main attraction- a awesome indoor swimming/sliding complex, still is opened :D.