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Drop Towers, yes or no?

Do you enjoy Drop Towers?

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I think drop towers are great, always thrilling to ride, give a great sensation of freefall.


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I'd never went on one until two weeks ago when I rode Dr. Doom's FearFall at Islands of Adventure. The initial launch and drop are excellent, but the rest of the hops were small. I'm looking forward to next friday, though, when I go to Six Flags New England again, and get to ride Scream! which has much larger hops.

So, yes for me.


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I do, purely because they are the only rides that still manage to get my nerves going. I really build up a sweat worrying about riding one if it is one I haven't. Detonator used to scare the crap out of me but no longer does since I rode Apocolypse. Which still get's me a little nervous even now!


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Haha, yeah, I mean, you can repeatedly ride a roller coaster, and have it get eventually less nerve racking, wee as with the down side of Power Tower, that is a whole other story.