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So we got the how often do you get drunk thread, but for those of us who enjoy the journey to getting drunk, what is your drink of Choice

personally I like beer, I cant most often be seen drinking Yuengling because it's the best beer for less than $10 a six pack, since it doesn't taste like piss water in a bottle.


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I love tequila, love a nice margarita ^.^

Beer wise I like lighter beers like Corona, and I also drink cider, especially fruity things like Rekordalig :))


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When I do, it's a beer, Shinerbock is my favorite, but also love a good dark beer.

Jack and coke was another fixture for me, as well as Jager. <3

Also my dad makes the best mai tai and it knocks you on your ass, without feeling like you are drinking that much alcohol. Long Island iced teas as well.


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I like Lagers and Bitters - but not usually flavored ones

also like wine - red / white and even the odd rose.

not big on spirits, but do like poncy fruit cocktails :)


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Of what I've had I kinda like Mixed fruit Kopparburg. My dad also gets Anis del mono or something which I actually like, I'm just too much a pussy ass bitch to drink a glass of it...


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Double vodka and Red Bull for me when I'm out partying. Double vodka and Coke when I don't want quite such an obscene caffeine intake/sugar rush. I'm really not a fan of beer.


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I do also enjoy me some straight up whiskey, Revel Stoke is my favorite brand, but it's rare and expensive here in NJ, Jack Daniels is my next choice, since it's cheap and still good on the rocks. A Jack & Coke doesnt hurt either.


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I don't like beer. I only drink it if someone has given me one for free (like at work) or I'm desperate to get drunk quickly (I find it more efficient than even drinking spirits).

I tend to go for fruit-flavoured ciders, especially Kopperberg <3 I'm getting into Disarrono and the one that comes in the holy hand grenade bottle mixed with coke.


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I will have to try Chambord and coke now.

My usual poison of choice is broken down into this:

Mini beers
Jaegermeister + bomb varients
Cowboy C***sucker (Buttert Nipple minus Grenadine and add in some SoCo)
Sour Pucker shot
Grey Goose
Tequila (goes down like water if it isnt cheap)
Oil Spill (tastes like **** but **** you up pretty well)
Blowjobs (these are just for fun...and to find out whose the bigger whore of your group)

Moster and Vodka (Skyy or GGoose)
Red Death
Blue ****/Adios ****
Blue Hawaiin (think thats the name. Get it at a local bar and still no clue whats in it beyond sprite and rum)
Any rum based cocktail (Rum <3)
Long Islands + Variants
Crown and Coke (will dip to Jack n Coke if tight on cash)

Dos Equis
Bud Light (good chaser) + BL Lime
Angry Orchard
Shock Top (with the proper Caramel drizzle and dip into sugar top. Yum)
Dark Horse Koffeedopplebach (Had it once and fell in love. NOBODY HAS IT IN OHIO ::cries::)


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Most ciders. At the moment I quite like Brothers Toffee Apple cider and Gaymears pear and rasperry cider. Stella Cidre is my go-to.

Hierbas too.


Red Vodka Red Bull
Passoa Red Bull
Black Vodka Sprite
Applejenever Ice Tea
Vodka Apple Juice (very, very dangerous :p)

Stella Artois
Cristal Alken
La Chouffe
Westmalle Blond


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^OMG, Passoa is amazing but there's never enough!

I don't mix alcohol and red bull any more, years ago I had a vodka and red bull at a nightclub and it made my heart go a bit dodge so now I avoid it.


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Liquor: Rum, definitely. Favorite varieties would be Mount Gay extra aged, Oronoco, Captain Morgan private stock, Myers', or if I'm feeling cheap, Kraken. I also really like tequila as well.

Wine: Chardonnay, and white wines in general. I like most reds too, though, and if I had to pick a favorite it'd be Cabernet Sauvignon or Cabernet Franc.

Beer: I much prefer beer over wine or liquor & I love trying new varieties. I'll happily drink just about any decent-quality beer, but IPA is probably my favorite style. Sierra Nevada Torpedo, Dogfish Head 60-minute and 90-minute, and Starr Hill Northern Lights are four that I really like, just off the top of my head.


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I'm a cider person. Can't stand beer, but will quite happily knock back a pint of cider (except Strongbow, which is crap regardless of what Stone Cold says). I quite like Stella Cidre, but hate buying it because of the poncy name. I've found that I love cocktails too. Long Island Iced Tea and anything with rum in it (mojito <3) are my favourites.


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I'm usually a fan of blonde beers or other beers that are lighter in color, but I've taken a liking to Budweiser Black Crown. I'm not too hard to please when it comes to beer.

Call me a pussy, but I like whipped cream flavored vodka. Anything I've mixed with it has tasted delicious - Coke, orange juice, root beer, even coffee are all delicious with hardly a taste of alcohol. I'll also be the first to suggest tequila shots in a given evening.


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Mike said:
All alcohol smells and/or tastes of either piss, nail polish remover or paint stripper. :/
Even mead? Though it's not much use if you don't like honey. It is just honey in a glass though.

I hate it personally because I don't like honey :p

I also hate whisky (the American bourbons are okay I guess). It always makes me feel ill. I'm a little the same with brandy, but rum, vodka, tequila, etc I seem fine with - so it isn't a spirit thing.

If I could drink anything, any time, it would be fruit wines or fruit mead. Yes, I know wine is made of fruit (grapes), but I mean wines/meads with other fruits. Darker fruits by preference (bad experience with some home made apricot wine means I'm not keen on lighter fruit wines any more).

Usually though, it's ales for me in a pub. Nice dark, flat, warm beer - NOM ;)

If I see Addlestones cider, or Biddenden, I'll always take the opportunity for one, love both those ciders. It's rare to find either though in a pub and you have to go and visit Nic to get them otherwise ;)

At home I'll tend to drink lager (any old **** ), or flavoured cider. I'll sometimes go for a "premium cider", but will avoid stuff like Stongbow. I also enjoy a bottle or two of red wine, don't mind Rose and will drink white - but see above, I'm not keen these days on light wines.

Essentially though, if it has alcohol in it, I'll drink it... That probably includes aftershave ;)


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Pretty much anything but dark spirits or red wine.

I never used to be in to beer until Vietnam when that was all there was, and then Yugoslavia cemented it as a fave.

Cider is another fave. White and rose wine.

Cocktails are another favourite, the stronger the better. Long Island Ice Tea <3

Gin and tonic and vodka and orange are a favourite. Absolut Berri Acai and cranberry <3 vodka in general <3 jäger bombs <3