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DragonFly - [B&M Flyer RLRides] - DOWNLOAD NOW


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AGAIN, sorry for clogging up this pocket of CF.

This lockdown is super tough and escaping into FVD is kinda my way of coping. I decided to revist my first ever NL2 project, a B&M flyer with a "rolling pretzel" which is a zero-g roll mixed in with a pretzel loop, however I realised the shaping was really tight and it didn't really fit in with the rest of my B&M collection... so I thought I'd take some elements I did on that flyer and reimagine them into a new layout.

I took a lot more time researching shaping and pacing on a flyer, or example the new rolling pretzel is now more shaped like Flying Dinosaur's 540 roll which I think is a much more realistic execution. A few days later I accidentally end up with a layout that I love! There's alot of subtle infleunces in here, Flying Wing Coaster, Tatsu, Flying Dinosaur & Galactica are the main ones. But basically I couldn't just shelf this as it's actually turned out waaaay better than I expected, here's some screens so far.




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Well that's quite something.

The zero-g-roll-and-a-half on Starry Sky Ripper is wonderful, and the idea of that floating roll into the spine crushing pretzel loop is all sorts of exciting! :p


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Can we renamed this forum "Richard's NoLimits Stuff"... where's everyone else?


Update! Been collaborating with Andre on building the setting for DragonFly, so heres an update of the woodland area where the logo marquee is





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  • Background
Fly through nature on this intense flying rollercoaster that's built into a peaceful meadow. Containing the worlds first rolling pretzel.

  • Design
I started this as I noticed shaping on The Flying Dinosaur could improve on a flying coaster I design a while ago, but in the experimentation I ended up completing a layout that felt like it needed it's own identity. This coaster is focused on one of my favourite aspects used in coaster design, combining machine and nature, trying to make them coexist and blend today. This has many influences from Air/Galactica's use of the terrain, to Flying Dinosaurs huge swooping elements. I wanted this ride to be intense, but with the grace of it's real life counterparts.

Andre Northan came onboard and designed the station and queue, influenced by Untamed in Walibi Holland and a viewing path that winds out from the woodland into the rides clearing.

  • Elements
Twisting Drop
Rolling Pretzel
Horseshoe Turn
Floating Hill
Zero-G Roll
Overbank Turn
Swooping Carousel
Barrel Roll
Final Brakes

  • Notes
HUGE HUGE props to Andre for plucking this vision out of my head and making it appear on the screen. I appriciate your help on this projects so much.

Thanks to every on discord who are never satisfied, but have pushed me to improve with every project

Trees Remastered by TheCodeMaster

Logo effects by Mark Lofthouse

Enjoy =)


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